Mr. Bowie, a Belgian cat

Today is a day of sorrow. Herman posted the death notice of his beloved Bowie. I’ve followed his posts for years and am barely able to focus on the reality of this beloved cat being history, gone.

RIP Mr. Bowie, May 19, 2009 – September 11, 2019.


Farewell, My Sweet Mr. Bowie

40 thoughts on “Mr. Bowie, a Belgian cat

  1. Doug I just lost my little Skye a little bit before Mr. Bowie. She was so bonded with her cat mother Milk and Milk went into a depression. I am behind in a few things, one being email. It was almost identical to Mr. Bowie, Sky seemed fine until one day she was a little listless. I made a vet appointment but the next morning I just took her in as soon as they opened. An hour later the vet called with the bad news. I was devastated, as I know Herman was. I pray You will have many more good years years with Any and Dougie and no sudden shocks like Herman and I got.

    • So sorry! That isn’t unusual for surviving cats to become depressed or to try to find the departed companion kitty, and that tears your heart out when you have to somehow help your kitty work through the loss.

      When Louie the ginger cat (predecessor to the kitty boys) died, it was the same thing. He didn’t eat all day the day before he died. I tried to get him in for an appointment with his veterinarian, but he died over night. He hadn’t shown signs of illness till his last day.

      • That must have been hard for you the way Louie went. I’m sorry. I am happy to say it took about a week and a half for Milk to stop hiding but then she came back to her usual post on the top shelf of the cat tree. I started sitting there in the morning wth my coffee and after a few days she cimbed down to sit in my lap. Now we do that each morning and she’s back to her self.

  2. September is a sad month this year. My “like” is in solidarity, Doug. I, too, loved Mr. Bowie along with all the rest of you. He was a kitty gentleman and a scholar.

    I also have sad news from Sicily. Lucky, the blind kitty on our friends’ olive farm in Sicily, slipped through a hole in the fence on September 8th and was hit in the road. He died instantly. M & J had rescued him 6 1/2 years ago, when he was blind from eye infections, and tottering in the street. His eyes had to be removed. Lucky lived life with M & J as though he was sighted, climbing trees and sending us the occasional report.

    All these kitties and animal companions tear our hearts in two when they pass on.

    • That is so true. Even the kitties and dogs of blogofriends begin to take on the emotional attachments we have with cats and dogs in our lives. I will miss poor Mr. Bowie a lot, if not as much as Herman.

    • Yes, I agree, Greg. I wasn’t surprised to see many of my blogofriends with cats and dogs commented and offered condolences to Herman on his post. We are all drawn together at times like this.

    • Bowie was, as I noted, “my” cat, too, and the responses from others tells me there are many of us a bit sadder today than when we woke u because they, too thought of him as “their” cat.. I sometimes think about how I will handle Andy and Dougy’s passings, and it tears my heart out just to think about it. Herman, I feel blessed to have found your posts about Bowie. He was a fine kitty, I know September 11 will always be a day of sadness for you. Doug

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