20Oct20: Please, Andy! I just want to “wuv” you!

Andy is a curious – odd! – little kitty. When he’s on the end table, he doesn’t like to be petted or “scritched”. There are other places  – the cat tree in the dining area – where I can stick my face in his and get a head bump of approval, purrs, and lots of personal quality time with my kitty boy. 

Just not at the end table.

44 thoughts on “20Oct20: Please, Andy! I just want to “wuv” you!

          • LOL! Andy has never met a kitty girl, so I’ve no idea if he’d get ideas. Sometimes toms will have relations with stuffed animals or other items, but neither Dougy nor Andy ever did.

          • I remember a fellow in Oklahoma City who posted kitty videos had a cat that used a Halloween werewolf mask that way. I’d never seen this behavior before. Perhaps it’s an intact Tom thing. Andy and Dougy were/are perfect gentlecats!

          • I agree; this must be an intact Tom thing. Barmalei had a botched surgery, unfortunately. The vet had first thought he was a girl and opened his belly. When we got him, he still had a shaved belly and a scar, poor kitty. Perhaps he remembers this and tries to confirm to himself that he is a guy.

          • Oh no! Of course I am not someone to comment because when I took Louie the ginger cat in for that surgery, the technician picked him up and said, “This is a neutered male!” I had to come up with a male name (quickly!) for their records on him since I’d named him “Lucy” because of the color of his hair – Lucille Ball, you know! That I came up with Louie – after Louis Armstrong – was aa minor miracle and it actually turned out to match his cool cat personality well!

          • LOL When we rescued baby Pyshka, we didn’t know the gender, but the tiny kitten was squeaking non-stop and very loudly, so we decided to call him/her Pischik (Squeaker) if it turns out to be a boy, and Pyshka (sweet roll) if it’s a girl. Took her to our vet who is great.
            The other two we got from a rescue agency, and they make sure all kitties are “done” before they are adopted. It is their vet who gave Barmalei an emotional trauma!

          • Interesting! When I got my first kitty, the lovable and vocal Freckles, I almost named her “Squeaker” for the same reason you called Pyshka “Pischik”!

          • None of our cats ever squeaked. Beba said Mya (half-a-meow), until she learned the full word. But Pyshka was squeaking for a couple of months. We actually celebrated when the baby said her first word.

    • Yes, there is no reason I can discern that explains why this spot is more sacred to Andy than any other. (Maybe the heat off the lamp is the answer. He just wants to enjoy the warmth!)

    • Ironically, it’s so close to where I usually sit that I can’t resist petting and “scritching” him! The arm of the recliner is equally accessible, but I can pet and “scritch” him when he’s there, no problem,.

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