Post 2245: “We know where you live…!”


My coffee mug came to life… Happy Halloween!

Post 2243: smart phone kitty videos take some planning…

Dougy’s debut video on the new smart phone…is dull stuff!

Not as unfocused and dull as Andy’s, though! I have to play some more with this feature. One thing I need to learn is how to download long videos from my smart phone onto YouTube. Of course, I really need a way to edit them first and will check out one suggested by Michel of Amiens once I get longer downloads worked out.

As a former US Army motion picture photographer, making films is something I find fun to do, but the process was interrupted in 2014 with a operating system upgrade or something that wiped out my access to a program I used with successful results. 

Post 2242: Dougy’s veterinarian visit…


At first, he hides in the back of the carrier…

…but a great veterinarian technician can put a kitty boy at ease!

That isn’t to say he doesn’t hop off the examination table to explore the room for a way out!

He wanders top to bottom, then back up to the top of the room. No way out!

“Aha! This looks like a good possibility!” Dougy thinks, then he hops up on the counter.

“Hey! There’s another kitty on the other side! This must be the way out!”

>knock!< >knock!<


Dougy quickly learns otherwise. That was no way out.

Dougy hops off the counter and onto the trash can. After assessing his chances of getting out of the examination room, he hops up onto the examination table…


…where he waits a bit over 12 minutes like this till Dr. Y. arrives to examine him. Good kitty! (He gets a good report on his eye, the reason for the follow up.)


Back home again. Dougy whines as soon as the car stops and till I open the carrier door inside the apartment. Andy and he sniff each other, then both run off for kitty business. It was a successful veterinarian visit!



Post 1241: new smart phone…


I’ve been unhappy with my smart phone for some time. Friday (October 25th), I bit the bullet and bought a new one. Don’t ask me what kind it is – Android something 10+??), just know that this was the first photo I took with it. 


My first Andy photo caught a demure Andy…


The second one was a bit better, though it piqued his…

20191025_103734 (1)

…curiosity! (He sniffed it, of course, to learn all about it.)

Dougy got the treatment next, and his photos turned out fine!


Sexy kitty boy!


Want his autograph? LOL!


Post 2239: “fake news”…

IMG_20191023_111333 (1)

“Andrew James Thomas, on penalty of losing your kitty treat privileges, did you ‘hork up’ on the front room carpet!?”

[You know this is fake news because a kitty boy never feels bad about leaving icky stuff on the front room carpet! Andy and Dougy periodically have upset stomachs on the carpets, but I usually find it, in the dark, barefooted.]

Post 2237: Black cats or not?


I was told Andy and Dougy are smoke Persian kitties. I’m no expert of cat coats, but neither kitty is quite as dramatic looking as photos of smoke Persian kitties suggest they should be.

They do, however, have color-shifting coats that show lighter-colored highlights or whole zones that are a pretty light grey in brighter light. In darker light, you still can see grey highlights that help define the shape of Andy, for example, in the photo. I find this effect quite handsome!

One of the lighter zones in the right light is their ruffs. Their tummies also appear to be this light grey in the right light. The photo of Dougy above Andy shows how the right light transforms his ruff into that light grey.

Are they black cats or not? This color-shifting nature of their coats makes me wonder.

Post 2236: brotherly love…

Andy and Dougy are typical Persian kitties. Mild-mannered, sweet personalities, cute faces…! They have been together since birth, with a few days apart because of illnesses. In that time, they mostly get along. Mostly! LOL! Occasionally, they get on each other’s nerves and have boxing matches, but the disputes are over in no time.