17Mar23: …on the hunt!

Andy’s on the hunt! 

Where’d that ribbon thingy go, Doug???

Right below you, Andrew! Right below!


Poor Andy. I think he knows about the secret compartment in his end table, yet he gave up the hunt even though the answer to his quest was inches below him. Silly kitty! What’s below you are the treasures of the Sierra Madre, Tutankhaten’s tomb, Oak Island, and, well, kitty toys you want to play with.

Andy’s an American kitty boy, so the answer to all failed hunts is clear: turn on the television and wait for an animal program to come on, or maybe Doug will bring up a string video on YouTube if I get whiney enough! 

19 thoughts on “17Mar23: …on the hunt!

  1. Oak Island, it seems people around the globe know of that little island and the TV show that seems to never end. Andy’s hair has grown back so fast!

    • The guy with the metal detector drives me nuts. He finds some small object and it always seems to be the key to finding the treasure and he always announces it with a great flourish, then they go to five minutes of advertisements till you get to see what the object is.

      Andy does put out hair fast after a grooming, but his poor tail takes longer. Tomorrow’s post features his tail in a video, offering proof of what I say.

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