Post 2211: A surprise for Andy…


I felt like giving Andy a surprise.

andy get s his tootsies tickeled

Yes, I tickled his toes.



Dougy has an eye infection that requires five days of antibiotic gel and corneal repair eye drops two, three times a day. Lucky Dougy, lucky Doug! Fortunately, he doesn’t bite or scratch while being medicated, but he does perform a contortionist routine that makes it difficult to get the gel and drops past his tightly clenched kitty eyelashes. I will win! (The corneal repair drops say they are a gel on the label, but they actually are a liquid)

Dougy’s blood analysis indicates he is a healthy kitty, with one characteristic slightly out of normal range. I was concerned about his weight, which has dropped about 10% in the past three years. Though that doesn’t  show up as diabetes in his blood work (whew!), I do hope to help him put some weight back on. I personally think  the problem is he’s not food aggressive enough to get his share of wet food and treats. Andy is! (Andy on the other hand, feels a bit trending toward “tubby”….)

I was encouraged that Dougy was his usual at the veterinarian clinic Wednesday; He always hops off the examination table to explore the room! He’s done this since he was a wee kitten, and some things never change. He is my little explorer!

While Dougy’s in treatment, I may post less about him. That eye looks a bit gross, especially since the antibiotic gel that doesn’t get in his eye the first time or two has to be wiped off his fur, leaving a greasy mess. Until I get my doctoring skills up, a certain part of the gel will be wasted in failed attempts to get it in his eye.