Post 2149: too hot…

It’s one of those days. Too hot to run around, but not too hot to get a good head rub. Dougy is happy to get the head rub!


Post 2148: Dougy needs a touch up…



Dougy feels a bit ruffled this morning. Must be the humidity!


A little brushing feels good… 


…and Dougy feels more put together afterwards.


Post 2147: Go kitteh~ go kitteh~ go kitteh!

Wow! Andy’s wound up tighter than a kitty on catnip today!

 What you don’t see is Andy pirouetting in air, taking to the sky, doing triple flips in the stratosphere to catch that Nekko bug! But he’s putting on a major show today!


Whew! Aren’t you the kitty on medicine for high blood pressure? (He is, but he’s still the kitteh! You can’t slow a kitteh down!) 

Post 2146: doubting Thomas…

It’s been a day since the bug was sqaushed, but Dougy still thinks there is a bug to be found on the light stand. He is a doubting Thomas!

Post 2145: the bug is dead…


“Dougy! Come here and see the bug!”

Dougy came running. The bug…is dead! (The other Doug decided to deal with it since Dougy only batted it around and it got away mostly unscathed.)


Hope springs eternal in cats, too! Dougy isn’t ready to accept the fact that the bug no longer is around to play with.  Really, it’s up on the wall somewhere!

Post 2144: Dougy restores order…


Dougy notices Andy spends a lot of time on the cat lounger Dougy claims as his own. No good! No good!

Well, what you gonna do about it, big boy? 


Dougy broods a little, then…


…he restores order! (This ending is kind of predictable, eh?!)

Post 2143: day of rest…

The kitty boys insist that today be a day of rest. Being adorable takes lots of effort!

Post 2142: enough’s enough…

As much as the kitty boys like a good “scritch” – this is Dougy – there is…


…when enough’s enough!


Now Dougy has to unruffle his coat! 

Post 2141: Andy stops by…

Dougy isn’t on the ottoman, so Andy feels comfortable stopping nearby. So…why not play a little wand toy? We have a few minutes of good, clean kitty fun, all without Dougy getting upset because we are too close to his ottoman!


Andy is pleased and it is time to take a rest. 

Post 2140: “Let me ‘scritch’ you!”


Andy wasn’t in the mood.

Dougy wasn’t in the mood either…or…


…was he? “And get behind my ears, too!”