16Jun21: spider hunt…

Alert! Andy sees…

…a tiny spider!

He takes measure of the effort to catch the spider…

…and decides…

…it’s too much effort for too little gain! So, he…

…goes for Plan B!

14Jun21: take a picture…

Andy’s just “kooling” around…

…when he sees Dougy checking him out.

“Take a photo, it’ll last longer,” impudently poses Andy.

What do you think I’ve been doing, my good kitty!

13Jun21: Andy wants it, too…

Just plain ice water in my cup, but… 

…Andy has to check it out.

Yep! It is familiar. Andy takes a sip (camera failed me – missed the shot – his head was all the way in the mug)…

…and hops onto the end table to groom himself.

This was a new one on me. He never takes a sip or tastes anything he checks out. Now I have a cup of ice water the cat’s sipped. Dang! I guess I won’t finish this one!

12Jun21: Andy gets a haircut!

Dodi, Andy’s groomer, and a not too happy Andy. Spa day done!

After he came out of hiding, Andy had a kitty snack, then…

…he tried to clean off the perfumey scent. (Hair conditioner? Soap? He’ll smell nice for a few days, then he’ll go back to scentless.)

I’m really pleased Andy now can handle the unseasonal heat predicted for the coming days! 

Kool and cool! Andy is comfortable now.


It was Dougy’s turn to show up in the Facebook memories today. Here the late kitty boy is in what became his favorite tub.

Today would have been my mother and father’s 84th wedding anniversary. I, their youngest child, am 73 years old. Tempus fugit for sure!


10Jun21: Smarter than the average cat?

When I hadn’t seen Andy in the living room for awhile, I checked the guest bathroom.

Yes, he was sleeping there, avoiding the heat by sleeping on the cool floor. Smart kitty boy! He woke up when I took his photo, then yawned and went back to sleep. “Entertain yourself, human! I’m too comfortable to leave this spot!”  


What a tedious thing! When I walked from the living room to the dining area, I noticed heat coming off the heater mounted above the archway. Yes! During this heat spell, the heater for the living room has been turned all the way up from the recent (really) cold spell. The heater was trying to keep the living room temperature in the mid to high 90s zone, as if it were freezing outside. It did a fine, sweaty job of it! (Incidentally, that same heater in the same setting struggled to keep the room in the low 70s/ 22s!

Today, where it is 84 degrees F/ 28,9 degrees C and sunny, the temperature inside is still warm at 87 degrees F/ 30,6 degrees C, but much more comfortable than the high yesterday of 99 degrees F/ 37,2 degrees C! Gad! The heater’s turned off now. Watch it turned freezing cold again. With any luck, the inside temperature will moderate and be closer to the outside temperature once the structure sheds that blistering 90s heat of the past few days!  

09Jun21: then he had the zoomies…

Andy stopped by.

I wasn’t sure what he wanted besides hearing what a got kitty he is, which he is!

Then it happened! Head back, he roared off on a big case of zoomies!


The strong, cool breeze coming in the front door is a welcome relief from the hot spell.

08Jun21: too damn hot…

Andy and I are suffering through a hot spell.

Ninety-three degrees at 4:12 pm. That’s 34 degrees C.

I put some ice on the lapboard for Andy.

Too hot to get up and lick it! Poor kitty~!

I fill my biggest glass to the max with ice water and ice. I toss a few ice cubes in Andy’s water, too, so he gets some heat relief.

He gets his summer haircut on the 11th – almost here! He sleeps on the bathroom floor since it is cool even on the hottest days. At night, a cool breeze comes in the guest bedroom windows, so Andy and I sleep next to the windows.

June is supposed to be a rainy, cool month. Not this year: It’s June and too damn hot!


07Jun21: Andy’s choices…

When the question was posed…


Well, yes, but…!

“…or kitty food?”

Andy made his choice!

Kitty food! “Kitty food is good!” is Andy’s motto, no matter how much he likes the ‘nip.