10Dec23: Not The Hand…again!

Andy’s nemesis – The Hand!

He tries to ignore The Hand.

He thinks, “Is it OK to bite the hand that feeds you?”


The Hand‘s learned that Andy will bite it lightly once Andy’s tolerance level is reached. Beyond that, The Merciless Claws of Intolerance Unto Death kick in. Ouch! Not so fun then!


09Dec23: family picture day…

“%$^S&! Stop wiggling, Andy!” 

“Ducking at the last second won’t get you out of it!”

“I hate family picture day, too, Andy, but we gotta do it!”

“&*$%! This may be the best it gets!”

“Good enough. I forgot to comb my hair first, but you look cute, Andy!”


Nobody likes family photo day!

07Dec23: Andy leads me on…

Oh boy! Andy’s going to give me bloggorific stuff for my post today!

Don’t fail me now, Andy….

That’s your sleepy place….



That peanut butter and banana sandwich on toast was a fast, tasty breakfast!



05Dec23: different priorities….

Andy helps himself to the “nip when the mood strikes him.

The asparagus season is on us! I’ll steam half of this for lunch today. I’ll eat it on toast, with a Béchamel sauce and these boiled eggs chopped and put on top. A bit of paprika and a shake or two of Tapatio hot sauce, and I will be one happy fellow!

Andy will sit on the table in a ‘nip stupor till it wears off….

Bananas are something I need to eat in very controlled amounts, but I take a potassium blocker – or is it phosphorus – when eat them to (I hope) not exceed tolerable limits for a guy on dialysis.

As long as I’m going for broke, I’ll eat at least one peanut butter-banana toasted sandwich before this bunch is completely eaten! Yeah, it has mayonnaise on it, too. Lettuce, if I have it on hand. 

Andy is still in his ‘nip stupor….

A sweet potato, a tomato, and an onion…. They’ll end up in something delicious or be eaten minimally prepared, like a simple baked sweet potato, something I enjoy.

Good grief, Andrew! I think you are still in a ‘nip stupor! And you have ‘nip in your face fur!

04Dec23: another busy kitty day for Andy….

Watching Doug from afar.

Watching Doug up close…hinting that some Greenies would be nice.

Doug adds a few Greenies to those already on the lapboard; Andy watching Doug closely.

You got it! Andy watching Doug. 

Doug stares Andy down and runs Andy’s tail through his hand so Andy hops on the walker to take a kitty bath. Mustn’t leave “Doug scent” on his tail! (But you took a complete kitty bath, Andy! How rude!)

Exhausted and dozing on the end table.

Doug bugged Andy so he moved his nap to the stacked carriers.


Andy did a lot more during his day. For example, he sampled catnip twice and he did his “mousie” search in the kitchen cabinets. He also did a “mousie” search in the bathroom cabinet, something he hadn’t done in years. I know he did this because one of the doors was still ajar! He bugged me all day to follow him into the kitchen, then he ran into the doorway of my bedroom. I still have no idea what the little darling wanted, unless he just wanted to see if he still could bug me till I followed him. Dang cat!

03Dec23: reluctant Andy

It’s Sunday morning, Andy, and we haven’t done the blog yet….

“I don’t want to do one, Doug.”

“And I mean it!”

With that, Andy started hiding his face and moving wildly to mess up all the photos. Dang cat!

Made no difference to Andy, who took a nap, further messing up the photos by doing nothing!


Sme days, blogging just takes on tough times. If the cat’s uncooperative, nothing happens.


01Dec23: “He’s just the best cat”

Andy got the best review from his groomer, the very thing cat people love to hear: “He’s just the best cat.” Dodi, his groomer, added this photo of Andy in her grooming van to her message to me.

Unfortunately, Dodi has to give up this successful business because of a medical issue, but she’s given her clients and me a very agreeable service while it lasted, actually coming to our homes to pick up our pets to groom in her mobile van.

There it is! She’s selling it now for $48,000 or best reasonable offer. Knowing Dodi, it will only go to a properly certified pet groomer!
Here are a few random photos of Andy getting ready for his day.