Post 2091: after kitty food time…

Lucky Dougy! He can relax after kitty food time

…but Andy sneaks around in the dark (the reason this is in black and white) because he knows it’s time for kitty medicine time. Yuck!


Post 2090: asparagus, not a kitty…

Seriously, my favorite part of spring is when asparagus arrives at the grocery store My second favorite time is when it doesn’t cost $6.00 a pound so I can afford to make my favorite asparagus dish – steamed asparagus on wheat toast with chopped boiled egg in a bechamel sauce, topped with a bit of parmesan cheese. Yum. I add various spices to the bechamel sauce, rarely the same, though garlic, and a sprinkle of paprika are the ones that rarely change. I could eat this every day and never tire of it!

Dougy’s sad because he thinks I love asparagus more than kitties. [Kitties/asparagus…kitties/asparagus…kitties/asparagus. I’m going to have to think about this one!]

Post 2089: siesta de gato

Kedi şekerleme


No matter how you write it, the kitty boys pooped out this afternoon and took one: Cat nap!

Post 2088: a fine morning…

Dougy spotted something (bug?) and was really interested!

But I showed him something else of interest after he settled down for a nap.

Woo hoo! That Cat’s Meow toy wasn’t much of a hit, but this kitty lure off the toy is! (Must remind cats of a mouse’s tail.)

It’s one of Dougy’s favorite toys, such as it is.


…and fun to chew!

Post 2087: Andy’s curious way…

Andy has a curious way. He “hides” slightly out of sight, but comes up from behind to meow for attention and to scratch on the back of the glider arm to let me know he wants attention…but not too much!

I reach back to “scritch” whatever part is closest, usually his chin or chest. Andy barely allows me to do this, yet he’ll continue to try to get my attention whenever I stop giving it to him.

Dang cat! I never know for sure what he wants since he doesn’t let me get too close, though I suspect he’s hinting that it’s time for kitty treats! (I try to limit his treats, though, since the last thing he needs to be is a fat kitty.)

Post 2086: Andy makes his brief appearance…

Andy and I always have our quality time, but he spends a lot of time by himself in the north bathroom. He finally appeared long enough for me to show his post grooming cut, and he looks and feels great! (Same with Dougy – the kitty boys have a cashmere-like softness that is especially evident when they have these short cuts.)

He’s suspicious of my activities now. It’s been a long time since the kitty boys experienced the flash of a camera, but they remember it and respond to anything in front of my face the same way: They look away!

Post 2085: kitty boys return home, clipped…

I imagine the new look won’t be popular with everyone, but the mat problem finally got too severe to continue with long hair. Dougy, above. is happy to lose all that hair now that warm days are coming! (So’s Andy, though he hjasn’t cooperated yet withg being photographed. Not to worry. I’ll photograph him eventually, in his time!)

Another look at Dougy’s new look.

A more formal pose. Dougy is aware of the “camera” (smart phone).

Dougy stops in the act of grooming to show off a little!

Now he’s really showing off …and tempting me to “scritch” his tummy! Back to normal.

Post 2084: coming soon…!

You are used to the kitty boys swallowed in big bunches of hair.

Though they look spectacular with Persian-length hair, grooming becomes a problem for them and me. Starting with tomorrow, you’ll see their new look! It may seem extreme but it will be easier for Andy and Dougy to clean and me to brush. Best of all, mats formed during their long time between grooming appointments will be gone! I thought I could keep up with the formation of mats, but many hide in the long hair. Ugh!

SHHH! Here’s a preview of what they look like after their day at the groomer’s! (They actually are little cats under all that floof!)

“Scritch my tummy. I dare you!” Here’s Dougy!

Post 2083: Dougy does this well…

Dougy doesn’t have to bounce around, running after the mockingbird…

…because he can snag it from his regular perch on his ottoman!

Post 2082: Persians mat like heck!

Athena, the kitty boy’s groomer, and I decided with the November 2018 appointment to think about letting the kitty boys go more Persian. The plan worked fairly well for three months, but the fourth month between grooming sessions, I started losing control of mats in their hair and started stepping in more poop that fell out of their floofy butts. Four months between grooming sessions is too long.


Andy is especially matted because he is less cooperative with brushing sessions than Dougy. I pull apart mats I find, but they form fast and easily in Andy’s really thick fur.


On the other hand, Dougy is tired of me pulling apart mats that formed on his chest and sides. The ones on his butt will takes shears for sure! They don’t show since his hair is so long now, so I missed them. (No, I generally don’t rub my hand over that part of the kitties! LOL! I probably need to get over my aversion to that.)

Andy and me.

Tomorrow is the next grooming appointment for the kitty boys. I made a commitment to four months between sessions for this year, so am pretty much stuck with that schedule, but the mat issue is big enough that I will try to get three months between sessions for 2020. In the meantime, I think I’ll have the kitties trimmed in teddy bear cuts for the summer tomorrow, which will take them till August’s appointment.