05Feb22: the book…

Andy suspects what I have needs his investigation.

It’s a book I brought out that’s on the canals of Amsterdam. Marianne, a Dutch friend, gave it to me when she visited in 2017. Lots of fun and I haven’t looked at it lately. Andy, of course, needed to investigate….

>Sniff! Sniff!<

I think the shiny plastic protective cover on the book was what caught his attention. He likes to lick plastic and will chew on it if I don’t watch out. (The book will get put up where he can’t find it after I enjoy it again!)

(Sorry for the lousy exposures – too much difference between Andy and the shiny book cover to get optimum exposures on both in one picture. Of course, he’s backlit on top of it! Such is the woe of photographing dark kitties in low light!)