28Sep20: Yes???

Andy’s trying to relax on the lapboard.

I can’t ignore this opportunity to get involved with Andy, but he’ll have nothing to do with it. “Yes??? What do you want, human???” 

26Sep20: Andy can see it, can you?

Andy is ready to pounce if it comes a bit closer. (He says, “Mrow-rawr-mrow-meow!“, which is Cattinese for “Look for the flying ant at the upper left of the video frame!)

24Sep20: Oh you cat!

Andy’s too content to leave alone!

What am I doing to Andy that he has the look of “Oh, don’t eat me Mr. Owl!” on his mug?

(Hint: Giving him loving!” And he’ll have nothing to do with it!)



23Sep20: Nice!

What’s yer pleasure, Andrew?

Howsa ’bout a head’n’ear rub my good kitty cat?!

Good guess! >Purr! Purr! Purr!<

22Sep20: lapboard war…

Andy’s upset I’m using the lapboard while typing on my laptop. He wants to lounge.

So he takes up a space behind my laptop. He knows I’ll pick him up off the keyboard, so that’s not worth the trial. Here, he gets what he wants!


19Sep20: Enough!

Andy enjoys a face rub no less than any proper cat, but he also lets me know when he’s had enough!

18Sep20: restless…

Andy starts off like this…

….ends upside down, well his head anyway!

That’s his tongue sticking out. Hee! Hee! I woke him up when I laughed. No more sleeping kitty boy photos today!