01Dec23: “He’s just the best cat”

Andy got the best review from his groomer, the very thing cat people love to hear: “He’s just the best cat.” Dodi, his groomer, added this photo of Andy in her grooming van to her message to me.

Unfortunately, Dodi has to give up this successful business because of a medical issue, but she’s given her clients and me a very agreeable service while it lasted, actually coming to our homes to pick up our pets to groom in her mobile van.

There it is! She’s selling it now for $48,000 or best reasonable offer. Knowing Dodi, it will only go to a properly certified pet groomer!
Here are a few random photos of Andy getting ready for his day.

29Nov23: Surprise the kitty!

I sneaked up on Andy.

“You want some loving, Andrew?!”

I rubbed his back the way he likes.

Mmmmm! The nose! The nose!

Rubbed the head and ears. Andy especially love, love, loves to have his ears rubbed.

Andy’s a happy cat.

28Nov23: “Make them go away…!”

Andy and I were enjoying Discovery Channel’s “Alaska: The Last Frontier” when…

..the incessant annual Medicare Plan C commercials blasted out of the television.

“Make them go away, Doug!”

Poor kitty! He couldn’t handle it so he left.

Now the program is back and he misses the yak sequence. It was the best part!


All Americans watching television this time of year are barraged with Medicare Plan C commercials. They are obnoxious, they are all day long, they are almost as frequent as advertisements for drugs. We know how tedious those are! Ugh! Time to check out Nebraska Public Television’s Fall lineup. No Medicare Plan C commercials there! Andy approves, too, because there are lots of animal programs to watch there.

27Nov23: Andy gets some “nip”…

Andy likes his ‘nip.

He slowly get into it.

Then he pauses when it hits!

He just sits there. He doesn’t do goofy things because he’s a dignified kitty boy! 

Mmmm! More ‘nip!

26Nov23: “See you later, alligator!”

Doug put out too many Greenies this time.

“I’ll eat the rest later, Doug. Don’t toss ’em!”

“See you later, alligator!”


Andy watched a little post-Greenies television.

All those treats had their effect, though, and Andy slipped off into Kitty Sleeplandia where he caught and ate mousies and sparrows!

25Nov23: recliner cats….

The late Dougy sat in the recliner like a person.

Andy makes use of the foot pad for sleep, maintenance…

…and being a goofball.

Sometimes Andy just lounges there.

Andy (left) and Dougy sometimes shared the recliner.


The night after Thanksgiving, the 24th of November, we had a snowstorm that left around 2 inches/ ca. 8cm of soft, fluffy snow.

The frog and all the other decorations are about to be gone because my neighbor is moving. I will miss using the frog to gauge snow depth. 

I went out early to mail a bill. The snow I carried in on my walker and feet quickly became Andy’s. He doesn’t want to go outside, but he always licks up the snow between doors!


24Nov23: Andy’s random moments…

Thoughtful Andy.

Andy waits for attention.

Andy tosses his head back when Doug pats it.

Andy contemplates patting Doug’s knee.

Doug’s knee is familiar with Andy’s pats!




23Nov23: passing the security check…

Andy’s waiting behind the door.

He must know I’m coming because the horn honks when I push the “Lock” button on the car remote…..

I must give him the correct scent password to come in.

Now, he checks where I’ve walked to find out where I’ve been. Best security system ever!



22Nov23: an average kitty moment…

Andy likes this beatup ribbon…

…to lick!

After that, he likes…

…to explore between the ottoman, the glide rocker, and the end table.

It’s pretty exhausting, so it’s up on the ottoman again, hinting to Doug it must be Greenies time.