03Oct23: It’s my breakfast, Andrew!

Andy stopped by on his way to the end table.

He noticed food! 

He attempted to get to it. Doug pushed him back…several times.

Andy is a sad kitty…

…really, really, really sad.


Lest you be really, really, really sad for Andy, when I realized how sad he was that I didn’t share my not-for-kitties food, I set my breakfast tray down and fixed him some kitty food. 


01Oct23: a very busy kitty…

Creepy time – looking for Dougy to come through the door?

Resting after eating Greenies.

“Blinky eyes” with Doug.

Taking a snooze.

More creepy time. Maybe he hears something outside?

A little television.

Begging me to do something. What?

“Mousie hunt” in the kitchen cabinets time.

“No mousies!”

Curious about something in an empty Perrier carton.

We had fun with this little piece of string!


My classmates and I had our monthly get together on the 29th. I enjoyed the Fat Tire beer with my cheeseburger and potato salad, though the cheeseburger was a bit of a disappointment after the perfect burger I had at the same place two months ago. I enjoyed the conversations, of course, and seeing old friends again.



30Sep23: more than naps…

~~ Zzzzz… ~~

~~ Zzzzz… ~~

“…hmm! Important kitty business to do!”

“Bring them on, Doug, and make them fresh ones this time!”

~~ Nom! Nom! ~~

~~ Zzzzz… ~~


28Sep23: the “nooz”…

Andy tries to make sense of the news.

~~ ??? ~~

So much for that! Andy’s glad he’s a cat.


I went to Rapid City yesterday to get a headlight bulb replaced on the driver’s side of my station wagon. In the good old days, a mere human could replace that bulb with little effort. So much gets crammed into the engine compartment these days, though, that to replace the bulb in my VW Golf SportWagen (sic), you have to jack the car up, remove the wheel, unfasten the wheel well liner and remove it, then access the bulb to replace it! It’s a lot more than I’m able or want to attempt to do. I was glad to let a professional mechanic do it for me. 


The nurse practitioner and the nephrologist came by dialysis on Tuesday, part of their routine visits with us patients to review test results and to learn of any new issues developed since their last visit. During the visit, the NP mentioned her two-year-old had had six major tantrums that morning, including the breakfast tragedy of the crumbly muffin! LOL!

The whole idea of a crumbly muffin ruining the toddler’s breakfast struck me as hilarious and a perfect euphemism to use instead of my own virulent blasphemies and crude language when having a moment: Cut off on the highway by some idiot? “Crumbly muffins, you lowlife!” Drop a casserole on the floor taking it out of the oven? “Oh crumbly muffins!” Mad at the neighbor for letting his chihuahua bark at you in your own yard? “Crumbly muffins, Fred! That mutt is barking at me in my own yard!”

My NP made my day letting me know how her two-year-old had a rough start two days ago. “Crumby muffins”, a metaphor for the vicissitudes of modern life!

27Sep23: Sleep walker…?

Andy left the recliner to …

…come over to look at me with mostly closed eyes, then return to the recliner almost immediately.

Sleep walking…?


26Sep23: very important kitty business…

Andy has some very important kitty business to do.

Then Andy takes it to a new place…

…where he gives his fabulous tail attention!

You go kitty! You go!

Andy ignores my exhortations because he’s the kitty and he doesn’t need my peanut gallery involvement to “do” his fabulous tail. 


I make the coffee strong and black when I eat waffles with strawberry pie filling on top! I think this is OK when strawberries aren’t in season, but the fresh fruit version is more satisfying. I bet whipped cream on this version would help!


I’m still working on decluttering the apartment. I’ve made decent progress, though there seems to be an endless mess to work through! The area behind the dining room table is daunting since it was the “dumping ground” when I needed to get things sorted off the table when guests came to town. Once there, it was out of the way, so stayed there till the table accumulated new clutter. More guests, new clutter joined the old clutter. And so on for years. Yes, the area behind the table is going to be an archeological dig before it’s done!

25Sep23: Wanna watch a video, Andy?

“Do you want to watch a fun video, Andy?”

Andy checks it out – nope! Not interested!

Not interested in finishing his Greenies either. 

Off he goes on important kitty business. I bet it’s watching birds out the front door or, maybe, from the north bathroom window where the yellow heirloom rosebush is.