Post 1686: the nuns put away their rulers…

Wedgie Boys collage

The kitty boys are easy to sort out in this collage. That’s Wee Andrew in the upper left hand corner, then the rest of the kitty boys on the left hand side (and the larger cat in the upper left hand corner photo) are MacDougall. That means all those kitty boys on the right hand side are Wee Andrew.

Not to worry, though! I called off the quiz I promised you in Post 1685 yesterday and I told the nuns they could put away those lethal rulers…this time. Caturday isn’t a school day after all!

If you look at the photos closely, you can see how Andy has the narrower head and the yellow eyes. Dougy’s orangey-brown wide-set eyes give him a more classically typical Persian kitty look than his brother. They had a Persian mother and a Birman father. Dougy has his mother’s face and head, and Andy inherited a more Birman-shaped head.






Post 1685: mega-rerun time…

Wedgie Boys collage

Oops! I thought I had a post ready for today. In that smug state, I put off hitting the laptop. Then…in a panic, I realized I had several posts ready this week, all to run by my birthday yesterday! Sooo…it became a hastily organized mega-rerun day.

Fortunately, I happened to have this ready-made collage of the kitty boys that ran in a kitty boy and girl day book for 2018. Whew!


Forgive me for my oversight and see if you can identify which kitty boy is which in the photos above. There will be a pop quiz later…! No cheating, now! I have nuns with rulers proctoring the quiz room!

Post 1683: getting his kitty on…!


Andy is minding his business when “something” plops in front of his face…


…and, boy, does he get his kitty on!

Post 1682: Andy’s new video passion…

Andy’s new video passion is baby squirrel videos. I suspect it isn’t because he finds them cute…!

Post 1681: I GIF you the kitty boys!


Dougy is happy in his flamingo tub!


And Andy is pleased to have the PC to himself!


The pun in the headline presumes the pronounciation of GIF is similar to “give”, with a final “f” sound tagged on, so the headline should be understood to >wink! wink!< read “I give you the kitty boys!” Checking up on the accepted pronunciation, though, I learned I was mistaken. Here’s a rabid video on the topic:

Soooo… if you pronounce it correctly, you miss the pun. 



Post 1680: Dougy gets told…


“Stop hogging the recliner, bro’!” Andy’s had it!


Dougy’s surprised Andy’s so adamant. There’s plenty of room on the recliner.



Post 1679: Dougy enjoys the recliner…on Caturday!

Sometimes, all a kitty boy wants to do is let his lush Persian kitty hair down. Whew! Carrying all that hair around, not to forget keeping it groomed, takes time and effort!


“Now, leave me alone!” OK, Dougy. You deserve a little rest.



Post 1678: “We play when we want to!”


Dougy wants nothing to do with it…

Andy says he didn’t ask to play…

Dougy decides he really does want to play! OKAY! 

We humans need to feel useful to our kitty masters.


Post 1677: “Boo!”


Never a good idea to fall asleep in the chair! Never know what the first thing you’ll see waking up. (Andy’s horns are up, too. He has something on his little kitty boy mind….)

Post 1676: upset Dougy…!


Dougy’s a bit crabby today. That’s his “Endless Pain For All Who Mess With This Tough Kitty Paw of Total Annihilation” pointed directly at me! I brushed him a little too hard, and a nice clump of matted hair pulled out. Oops!


Andy tells his brother “Mrow~meow~mew~mrow!”, which, for those of you who don’t know Cattinese, translates more or less, sometimes if not, and kinda as: “Kill, brother! Kill! They are made of meat, you know!” or, depending on inflection and the humidity, may actually mean: “He didn’t mean to do it, brother! And he controls the treats!”

Either way, Dougy is upset and Andy is trying to calm the waters…or…start a murder frenzy!