24Jul22: To pounce or not to pounce…

Andy contemplates his next step….

His whiskers have a strange quality that makes them hard to photograph. He does have the standard set of whiskers on both sides of his face!

Sixty-eight days without my laptop. Supposedly the insurance company of the electronics repair guy’s former landlady approved replacing my laptop with one like it. My laptop, in for repairs, was in a flood.

Hell if I know what kind of flood that could have been. Must have involved collecting two of each model laptop and boarding them on some sort of big ship. Mine missed the final call.

14 thoughts on “24Jul22: To pounce or not to pounce…

    • Thanks! I admit I am really pleased with how it turned put, too. It is one of the rarest of rare photos of any of my kitties that isn’t one of several taken at the time to get one usable one.

  1. Love the picture of Andy! I often note that the whiskers have vanished on one side of a kitty’s face in a picture. And sometimes, on both sides.

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