31Aug22: Andy posed nicely…

Andy is a true Thomas – he hates to have his photo taken! 📸 For that reason, when I get a nice picture of him, it’s a victory of sorts.

30Aug22: Hallelujah! Finally on the laptop!

I located a place on my laptop where usernames and passwords are stored today. I’m celebrating with two posts today, the 30th, though the other post for tomorrow and next few posts are prepared and waiting to be posted from my smartphone.

29Aug22: finished for the day…

Even a favorite toy has to take a rest.

Andy’s played and played and played with the floppy 🥕 carrot today.

He’s decided it’s time to do something else.

28Aug22: anticipation…

Andy’s waiting for the peacock feather to begin. Or…maybe he’s just making the peacock feather feel safe, then…RAWR! KILL! KILL! KILL!

26Aug22: Andy’s kitty den…

This is familiar to you, I am sure. It’s the stacked kitty carriers, the place on top of which Andy oftentimes takes a nap.

Andy recently checked out the inside of the top carrier and decided it made the perfect kitty den. It’s a bit hard to see, but that’s Andy snoozing in his den!

25Aug22: grounded…

Andy always has at least one paw touching an object next to him when he settles down. Sometimes he has to ground himself with two paws. Note where his hind paw is. 😆

24Aug22: Caught!

When I came home from a little drive, I discovered my kitty boy’d helped himself to the kitty toys. He pulled his favorite toy out of the ZipLoc bag, of course!

Not that Andy was a bad kitty. No, I approve of him being active, playing, running around.

I don’t approve of him doing it unsupervised, though. I need to be more conscientious about stowing his toys away when I’m away from home.