Post 343: What Andy saw…

What captured Andy’s attention yesterday while monitoring the error check I had run on my computer? Why was he transfixed?

The error check screen, of course!

The error check screen, of course!

Andy thought the computer error check screen was fascinating. I made a video showing how file data flashed by, the sort of thing a cat is bound to get wrapped up watching! It’s short. I’m pleased with how it turned out. Take a look!

“Mrow!” Andy said, which I’m pretty sure means he wants you to see it. Dougy might pull your leg, but Andy is as somber as a Presbyterian. Watch it, please. Don’t make a kitty cry! Those big Persian eyes will rip your heart out when they fill with tears!

Andy thanks you!

8 thoughts on “Post 343: What Andy saw…

    • Andy got paid in Greenies treats to put in his two meow’s worth! I was concerned it might be too esoteric for most people, uninteresting at most. I liked the motion of it, which reminded me of a series of waves coming on the screen.

  1. Oh man Ali would have been all over that screen and would have knocked it down.
    I have never seen a cat fly through the air and make a perfect landing like she does.
    She also has that innocent look down perfectly.
    Love that fluffy Andy face. Sweet boy.

    • Andy does the flying leap on the window screens, so I can imagine the energy Ali puts out at her size! She IS innocent, of course. We just put the temptations in our kitties’ habitat. Can’t help it, our cats! I didn’t use to like Persian cat faces, but I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of an owl-faced cat. Or is it a cat-faced owl? 😉

    • (I originally wrote “…sober as a Presbyterian…” I’m Presbyterian, but others might take offense to the characterization of those fun loving, party-giving, life-of-the-party Calvinists as being somehow dull!) [I’m whispering this…]

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