31Dec22: Happy New Year’s Eve!

See that lump about halfway down Andy’s right side, right behind the big skin fold? It’s a benign lipoma. The lion cut exposed how big it had become. 

For those unfamiliar with lipomas, here’s a description: “Benign tumors of fat, formed between the skin and the underlying muscle. Lipomas can grow anywhere in the body where fat cells are present.” Older cats, as I understand it, oftentimes form these. Lucky Andy. He’s one of the older cats that formed a lipoma. 

I talked with Andy’s veterinarian yesterday about my concerns putting a 10-1/2- year-old Persian kitty under for surgery and the other concern, cost to do. He assured me blood tests would be done to establish his suitability for surgery. The lipoma doesn’t cause him any discomfort. The surgery, then, is more about aesthetics, an elective one. As for cost, they have a payment plan, which assures me it will be expensive! He asked me to plan for some time in February for the surgery. 


The UPS guy delivered two Roku television remotes yesterday around noon.

One went in the remote bin where infrequently used remotes are stored.

One will be used regularly, so will end up on the floor next to the round end table, the same place my laptop and laptop mouse are.

I could watch all of the programs I usually do by streaming them on my laptop during the remoteness time, but it’s much nicer watching them on my Roku television. The image is much larger on the television, I don’t have the weight and heat of the laptop on my lap, and I have more volume control available on the television than on the laptop. 

Yes, the Roku television remote that came with the television still is missing! It is the exactly like those seen in the photos. If it eventually shows up, I’ll put it in the remote bin, giving me three remotes to misplace! LOL!




45 thoughts on “31Dec22: Happy New Year’s Eve!

  1. Poor Andy. His age doesn’t concern me about being under as much as the high blood pressure If it doesn’t bother him, I would leave it. I am not a vet though.

  2. Dear Doug and Andy – so, it is a benign lipoma, to survey; it is what you do.He does not suffer, that ‘s essential. Maybe a ponction is enough?

    Bonne soirée de la Saint Sylvestre, avec mes amitiés et caresses spéciales pour Andy 🙂

    • I don’t know if that would work, but I do know they grow in a capsule. If the entire capsule isn’t removed, they tend to regrow. Thank you for your special thoughts for Andy!

  3. I am glad Andy’s tumor is only a lipoma. Yes, surgery is going to be expensive, and I am glad they are giving you the option of a payment plan. Wishing you two the best for 2023, Doug. You are both in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Thank you, Lavinia. I have concerns for Andy’s safety and would have a hard time forgiving myself if he died because of the surgery.

    • Thank you, Herman! I look forward to reading what’s up with you and Jimi, and hope the two of you have a safe and bountiful 2023!

  4. I am glad the growth is benign, Doug. I have never used the streaming thing and probably won’t based on the fact that my cable TV is expensive but I like it very much. It makes me mad though that there is an entire series called Star Trek: Picard that I can’t watch because it’s available only on streaming services which is outright BS. TV is way to expensive today and the market is way over-saturated.

    • I watch programs on five or so channels, no more, yet pay a ransom each month for all the others. I know how you feel. There are programs I might watch if they weren’t on channels that cost “only $9.99” a month, whatever.

        • Yeah, in the good old days of 13-channel televisions and remote area reception (terrible, snowy reception) of two, with luck three channels that came free after the price of the television set and an antenna, we didn’t know how good we had it.

          • It was seriously cheaper then! I read somewhere that you could build a family home for about 20K in 1960 when I was hatched. 😂

  5. Well at least it’s a benign growth … Hopefully surgery won’t be too bad to deal with. We had to have a benign growth removed from a little tortie, Spotty, in the past. She wouldn’t leave it alone. Surgery went well.

  6. Welcome to roku remote land!!

    Mine have the older shortcut buttons (Sling, Rdio). I hate when I hit the Netflix button by accident!!

    I added glo stickers, then glo covers, to mine to help them stand out in the dark. The newest one (which I don’t have) includes voice activation and responds to “where’s my remote” (or something like that).

    • I don’t think my remotes have the voice activation thing though I saw the television settings have a way to set it up. Maybe I should check it out!

        • The technology seems a bit complicated. The tv settings didn’t show what I thought they could do. I’ll take a Google search for the other doodad.

          • I liked being able to tellmy phone app “channel 451” and it would go there, vs the endless scrolling via remote.

            I hate the new channel layout. You used to be able to set favorites and see only those. And start from whatever channel you were on. Now I have to select favorites and start from the beginning every single time. Stop to see what something is? Gotta start at the beginning again!

          • It’s the same with my Roku tv. The old one I could type a channel number into the remote and get right to the channel I wanted to watch. I like having one remote to take care of all functions. With my old tv, I had one to turn it on and another to do other functions. You can bet I always was looking for one or the other!

          • I went from Samsung to a JVC, though I don’t know that I gained a thing other than getting a 25-inch tv with what turned out to be a 43 incher. I just guessed at what I ha when I ordered the one I have now, so it turned out to be a huge surprise, literally, when the JVC arrived!

          • LOL. I have TLCs. The bigger one (48″) won’t respond. I didn’t use it for a long time and I think the sw got too far out of date. I’ve tried a factory reset but nothing changed. Doesn’t bug me too much cause I got it really cheap but it *should* work.

          • I thought mine didn’t work until I just set out to learn what it did do. Once I signed in on Spectrum, I had all the Spectrum channels I subscribe to, which is way more than I need, of course. you know how it goes: to get ones you like, you have to get a bundle of other channels you never watch.

          • I’ve never had cable tv – only over the air and niow streaming (just Prime & Hulu)… one reason being that you have to buy more than you want.

            My Roku gives me well over 200 free streaming channels via Pluto tv, and I’ve added about 9 free “premium” streaming channels to that (TED, YouTube, CW, etc).

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