10Apr21: Just my kitty boy…

Some days there’s nothing to tell.

I see Andy being a kitty…

…looking cute…

…doing kitty things.

I reflect on how he came into my life, how a little ball of fluff…

…grew, bringing me so much joy. I love my wee Andy!

30 thoughts on “10Apr21: Just my kitty boy…

          • Just days later, perhaps two weeks, that odd look was gone and Andy was adorable! Dougy, on the other hand, was adorable from the first time I met him, which was about the time Andy started looking adorable, too.

          • Yes, and I suspect he’d just dried out from a poop bath, the reason he had such a wild look when the veterinarian technician put him down on the desk the first day I met him! The heading photo is a screen print from this video.: https://youtu.be/nSYeJ-o_ldg

          • Yes, I watched this video as a part of the post to which you had sent me the link. I haven’t even touched the computer all day yesterday (my husband had been in an accident last week, he is fine, but the car was deemed a total loss, and we spent the day purchasing a new one with insurance money), so I am heading over to your blog to catch up.

          • Thank you! He was calmly sitting in a turn line, waiting for arrow to make a left turn, when the guy in the line on his right also decided to make a turn and plowed into the passenger side of our car. He later told the police that he didn’t see our car. How anyone doesn’t see a big red car which is not moving is a mystery to me! But the entire passenger side of the car accordioned, while my husband wasn’t affected, thank G-d.

          • I once had an accident where I was signaling a left turn and waiting for a line of cars held me in a holding pattern. This was at an intersection. Once the traffic cleared, a woman tried to pass me on the driver’s side, instead on on the passenger’s side, which would have been the logical response since I was signaling a left turn. Wiped out the driver’s side! Of course, she had no insurance and no driver’s license! She told the investigating officer she was headed to the courthouse to get a license (it was the day the license guys were in town), which didn’t save her from a hefty fine and points off the license she barely goy.

          • Thank you, Doug. It was quite an eperience, manually switching from automatic to manual transmission and driving stickshift without depressing the clutch. Half the time I didn’t know what to do with my left foot! It was fun, though, and I am sure I will eventually get used to it.

          • It’s been decades since I drove a manual transmission car. My first three were manuals, then I came into the automatic transmission world when Reagan was elected. Best wishes for remembering to use your left foot!

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