01Dec22: quality time with Andy….

Andy waits patiently.

Lick! Lick!


Now, this is more interesting yet!


This is quality time with Andy.


When I checked the clock, it said 10 till six. It was dark out and I felt a bit of panic: Six AM or PM??! If AM, I was late for dialysis. If PM, well, I had a nice afternoon nap, no problem. I went into the front room where I have an atomic clock set up for 24-hour time. Seventeen fifty-one. Whew! I had a nice afternoon nap! This time of year, this is a regular routine for me. Early morning times look pretty much like late afternoons, so that front room 24-hour atomic clock is my best way to sort things out. Andy says it doesn’t make any difference to him because he’s a cat.