30Dec22: getting ready…

Andy’s resting up for the holiday.


Not much happening here today. I probably should get a few groceries before the locust-like shoppers buy out everything in the store on the chance they’ll use 20 rolls of toilet paper by the second of January, etc. 

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  1. I’m trying to decide whether I want prosecco, beer, vodka, rum, or water for the holiday. I’m pretty well stocked on food but have an intense craving for pie (actually pie crust), so I might get that too.

    • I’ll probably sleep through the holiday since the 31st is a dialysis day. That’s always one of those nap days that pretty much wipe out late night revelry!

        • My guess is dialysis and the 2-arm platelet donation have a similar result. Dialysis removes fluid and waste from the blood mostly.

          • During platelet donation the retuned blood has something in it, I’ve totally forgotten what, that makes me insanely cold. And I have to take Tums to prevent shaking. Aaannd, cause I have thin/uncoopetative veins, I can’t move my arms at all – not an iota – till it’s done (about 2.5hrs). Thus why I haven’t donated recently.

            Does dialysis use 1 arm or 2? How long does it take? How often do you go?

          • Dialysis for me is four hours. Other people may have longer or shorter times, though my time seems to be the regular time for most patients. I have a dialysis fistula in one arm. They place two needles in, one for arterial blood, the other for venous. I go in three days a week.

          • I’m retired, so it isn’t too difficult to work around it. I also helps that I still drive a car. That makes it possible for me to be one of three people (at the moment) who are able to go in at 5 am. Typically, I’ll be done by 9:25 or so, sometimes earlier depending on start-up time, I take 15 minutes after the needles are removed from my arm to let the clamps on the gauze and bandages to stop the flow of blood and for the small wounds to clot over, then I either drive home or get something to eat at one of the restaurants open in the morning. I’m rarely home later that a bit before 10. The rest of the day, then, is free, as is the following day. I have Saturday after dialysis through Tuesday 5 am free. End Term Kidney Disease isn’t recoverable. A transplant is the only “cure” at this point. At my age, a transplant seems selfish when there are young people who have the possibility of a full life after a transplant (and a lifetime taking tons of medicines to try to stave off kidney rejection – it isn’t a given it will last!). There is a kidney shortage relative to all the people who might want one. If I were still working, I think I’d apply for a transplant. I can’t imagine the complications people still of working age go through when on dialysis. Just the fatigue one feels after the procedure makes me think they’d be a danger to themselves unless they had a desk job. Even at a desk job, I’d think falling asleep would be a risk.

          • How far do you drive? There are several dialysis places near my home. So many opened in the last 5yrs that we keep getting propsitions on the ballot that would close most of them (no docs on site & other stuff). I’m one who leans toward thinking the extra staff would be great – but if there’s enough business to support so many centers, they must be needed!

    • I have a one-mile drive to the hospital dialysis unit. As for letting a younger person have the kidney, it isn’t that noble on my part so much as practical. I have enough medical issues to deal with without adding a major operation and a regime of immuno-suppressant drugs to keep a transplant alive and functioning. I find the idea of having foreign tissue inside me a bit creepy as well!

          • Mine would get blocked so nothing would go down. Once it cleared, everything would go down… no restriction at all. And I figured out a shot of booze would clear it. My breaking point was having a convo at work and, without warning, barfing up my entire cup of coffee in front of a coworker.

            I did a “conversion” to gastic sleeve – 2/3 of my stomach removed. Worked great till the 5yr mark, when I regained all I’d lost.

          • Yeah…great idea but total fail.
            I had a new dic bitch me out about getting the procedures but they were dic recommended at the time… not at all my idea, originally. I don’t regret getting the sleeve but wish I had better long term results.

    • I had most of the basics on hand, but was short on eggs, butter, and milk. I had to settle for a half gallon of lactaide milk because regular smaller containers of milk were sold out. i never buy the gallon size because I end up tossing most of the milk.

  2. Always a good idea to rest in advance so you can party hearty on New Year’s! (Not that we will do anything this year ourselves but sit with kitties and hope there’s not too much noise …)

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