17Oct23: “Let me get yer picture, again, Andy!”

Let me take your photo, Andy!

~ No eyes… ~

~ Would’ve been better with open eyes… ~

~ Eyes fine but looking away… ~

~Just about right…~

Looks like this will be “it”.


Most of the 13,000+ photos on my smartphone are of Andy. Most of them have these little flaws that don’t make much difference for the most part, yet there’s always the hope that one photo, one time, will be the photo for all times of my kitty boy!


I posted this photo of Andy on 1 August 2020. It is much cuter than anything I posted above! A comment made by http://tailsaroundtheranch.blog/  a new follow who’d gone that far back familiarizing themselves with this blog, lead me back as well to discover this photo! Thanks “Tails”!

24 thoughts on “17Oct23: “Let me get yer picture, again, Andy!”

    • Thanks! It is possible to get nice photos of him if one’s patient and willing to over-shoot his photo to get those few that are acceptable.

  1. I think all the pictures are cute though my favorites are with the eyes wide open. I try to get those with ours but sometimes cats just won’t cooperate. My phone is full of cat pics too, I won’t say how many, lol. I don’t like to delete any, not even bad shots.

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