Post 492: World Cat Day

Guess what today is….

Oh, you read the headline…? So much for the surprise! Yes, Happy World Cat Day to you and any cats in your life, little or huge, tabby or lion!

You will never be alone again!

You will never be alone again!

Mine are behaving today. Maybe they think World Cat Day means treats or new toys or something. Well, it doesn’t. What it means to me is appreciation for the wonderful creatures cats are, the joy they bring into my life.

Mind you, I love dogs, horses, and just about every animal but apes and monkeys (nasty animals…!), but cats are, well, clawed toothy fun! Mild masochism helps if you have a cat in your home. Or two!

If you collect enough cat hair, you can make a fine sweater!

If you collect enough cat hair, you can make a fine sweater!

To me, World Cat Day, too, is doing something positive about cats in shelters, a topic I covered some time back in a post last September about Doug and Sharon Brown in Vancouver. They foster whole cat families till they can be placed in permanent homes. They post delightful update videos of the kittens’ progress, and adopted two from one litter to join their cat Panther in their cat-friendly home.

Watch the latest litter Doug and Sharon fostered if you need a pick-me-up moment today! What the heck, here’s a sample video. I highly recommend them all.

DrNworb and foster kittens, a great combination!

I can’t speak highly enough about people who work to find homes for cats (or dogs, for that matter) that might otherwise end up euthanized or condemned to fending for themselves in sad, dangerous, short lives as feral animals.

Thanks to one Vancouver couple, however there is help and hope for abandoned mother cats and kittens in that lovely city. I learned about them through YouTube videos posted on the DrNworb channel. They foster abandoned kittens and their mothers till the kittens are old enough, then help place the cats with good families. I am a big fan!

Yesterday, I discovered DrNworb expanded to Facebook.

dr n

I have a bit of a cynical outlook on life some days. Well, many days! But people like DrNworb (Doug and Sharon) remind me that goodness and decency does exist in this world, that there is hope for humanity, that there are people who selflessly do the right thing because it is the right thing, not because it brings them glory.

It’s impossible to select one perfect example of the type of videos you’ll find on DrNworb’s YouTube channel – and now on Facebook! – but here’s a great one:

Aw! Aw! CUTE!!! If you like cats, check out this channel or the new Facebook page, you’ll soon see why I live for the days a new video gets posted! Always entertaining, always uplifting, always promoting humane treatment of cats and kittens.

Typically, their foster kittens are adopted out in pairs when they are mature enough, an arrangement you probably know I feel is best for the cats and their humans! (Andy and Dougy didn’t tell me to tell you that, but I tell you that because of them.)

Here’s another great DrNworb video:

If you enjoyed this taste of DrNworb videos and want to see more, or learn more about these and other fostered kittens and their mothers, here are some links:

I’m addicted to cat videos, whether it’s making them or watching them. Most are posted on YouTube by the human companions of individual cats. Many are posted by breeders who use YouTube as a way to introduce viewers to the specific characteristics and behaviors of the cats they sell. The best ones, though, use videos on YouTube to promote humane treatment of cats through specific actions and established organizations like VOKRA (Vancouver Orphaned Kitten Rescue Association).

This post is in support of these two volunteers who’ve opened their home and hearts to abandoned cats and kittens in their community. Vancouver is fortunate to have such great ambassadors for humane treatment of cats!