Post 492: World Cat Day

Guess what today is….

Oh, you read the headline…? So much for the surprise! Yes, Happy World Cat Day to you and any cats in your life, little or huge, tabby or lion!

You will never be alone again!

You will never be alone again!

Mine are behaving today. Maybe they think World Cat Day means treats or new toys or something. Well, it doesn’t. What it means to me is appreciation for the wonderful creatures cats are, the joy they bring into my life.

Mind you, I love dogs, horses, and just about every animal but apes and monkeys (nasty animals…!), but cats are, well, clawed toothy fun! Mild masochism helps if you have a cat in your home. Or two!

If you collect enough cat hair, you can make a fine sweater!

If you collect enough cat hair, you can make a fine sweater!

To me, World Cat Day, too, is doing something positive about cats in shelters, a topic I covered some time back in a post last September about Doug and Sharon Brown in Vancouver. They foster whole cat families till they can be placed in permanent homes. They post delightful update videos of the kittens’ progress, and adopted two from one litter to join their cat Panther in their cat-friendly home.

Watch the latest litter Doug and Sharon fostered if you need a pick-me-up moment today! What the heck, here’s a sample video. I highly recommend them all.

8 thoughts on “Post 492: World Cat Day

  1. That is one pretty Mama kitty and thank goodness she has a place to rest away from those adorable, nervy filled kittens of hers.
    Happy world cat day to you and the boys.
    I got Ali a kitty water fountain today and she is finally drinking water again. This thing is great.

    • My boys make regular use of theirs, and I regard it as one of those better investments made on their behalf. I’m happy to read Ali’s also enjoying her new fountain! It definitely makes a difference in their water consumption. I imagine it tastes better for one thing, since it is aerated and filtered!

    • I did, and likewise, I hope you and your kitty made good use of the day to celebrate the cat! (The boys and I played a lot, which, I hope, means they won’t be roaming tonight, calling out to each other and generally carrying on…! 🙂

    • Isn’t it? Doug and Sharon clearly are perfect hosts for these cat families, and they do a brilliant job of documenting the progress the kittens and mothers make. Nornie, the mother in this video, started out as a feral/semi-feral first time mother. She was afraid of people and spent most of the time under a bed in the room where the Browns keep their foster families. Watching this cat slowly bloom into the cat you see in the video above is further testament to the good work of the Browns and VOKRA in the Vancouver, BC area. I think it is remarkable, a standard for other people to follow!

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