Post 842: “Sleepy boy, awake!”

Cats sleep a lot. Sometimes I have to wake mine up to remind them it’s time for kitty supper. Andy was especially sleepy today, conked out in the dryer, as is his recent afternoon ritual.

“…but I’m sleeping!”
Time for supper, Andy. You better get up or Dougy will eat it all.

Andy had to think about that:

Andy had to think about that: “Sleep or eat…?”

A tough decision for poor little Andy!  Which will it be? Eat or sleep? Sleep or eat?  He's only a little kitty! Leave him alone!

A tough decision for poor little Andy!
Which will it be? Eat or sleep? Sleep or eat?
He’s only a little kitty! Leave him alone!

It’s been several minutes now, and Andy’s still sleeping in the dryer. On the other hand, Dougy found a hidey hole and decided he needed a snooze, too. I guess I’ll wait to put the kitty food out.


21 thoughts on “Post 842: “Sleepy boy, awake!”

  1. Kali is the sleepy time gal here. She sleeps like nobody’s business. I have recently started feeding them more cause it seems they need more meat than they’re getting. I always fed them in the morning so as soon as I’m outta bed, two Siamese butts get comfortable on the kitchen floor and two faces look expectantly at me. I turn on the kettle and feed the girls half a can of Fancy Feast. With the food gone, all paws head for the deck. The next feeding is around 7pm. This feeding is new and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of interest in din dins. I have tried making all eating and enjoying sounds to the chagrin of two Siamese. Eventually, they get up and have a wee bit. Big deal! They have their hypoallergenic dry down most of the day and the bowl is emptied, so I know they eat it. Neither of them are fat and Shoko is very energetic and nosy so they seem happy.



    • The boys have a similar wet food feeding schedule. The afternoon wet food feeding usually gets lightly sampled, so I try not to put out too much food as they waste an awful lot. They do eat a dry indoor adult formula cat food during the day, as they feel like it.


  2. That was a good spot, I am sure he was afraid his brother would steal it if he got up to eat. My kitties always choose food over sleep- they go right back to sleep after eating and tidying up though. 🙂


    • I can appreciate your concern. Since I know Andy likes to sleep in there, I verify he’s not in the dryer before I use it. It is a stacked apartment-style washing machine/ dryer combination, so the dryer is at shoulder level for me. I can see into the machine easily.Even if I didn’t verify Andy was out of the machine, as soon as I turn on the washing machine, the sound of water “flushes” him out!

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