Post 1476: Willow of Salmon Brook Farms


Lavinia Ross of Salmon Brook Farms in Oregon shares her monthly blog post with her cats. Willow (above) is one of the correspondents. 

However, for this post, Lavinia writes for Willow, who has other business at the moment:

Here’s a couple of photos of Willow cat, who is somewhere in the vicinity of 20 years old, +/- a year or two. She doesn’t hear real well, but loves to eat and sleep, and look out the window.  She has breakfast served to her in bed. She’s living the dream all old cats would hope for, and I am glad to be able to take care of her.


Willow isn’t the only cat at Salmon Brook farms, as you will find by clicking on the link, but you surely will agree with me she is lucky to be an elderly kitty who gets treated like a queen!

Lavinia and Rick Ross post the Salmon Brook Farms blog posts monthly. They are a combination of reports on the Ross’s efforts to develop their vineyard and other agricultural plans, the Ross’s music careers, the kitty report on the farm, and updates on their venerable Subaru, Seabisquit.

I wonder how they manage to get their blog updated monthly, their lives are so full, yet they do, and it is one of my top favorite blogs. It appeals on so many levels. Click on the link and see what you think!