Wanda Landowska and her cat.

Last winter, I posted this video:

Ugh! The music was totally wrong for the mood and intent of the video: A tribute to the late Polish keyboardist Wanda Landowska, a giant among musicians in the 20th Century, a fellow member of the cat companion cohort. In fact, it was Andy, peacefully asleep by my keyboard that January day, that reminded me of Wanda Landowska and her cat. I was charmed by that photo of the two, each on the harpsichord! I have the Landowska recordings. I almost expect there to be a faint purring in the background while she plays!

Today, Andy once again chose me as his morning companion, falling asleep at my arm while I played on my computer. It reminded me of the music on the tribute video. I’d failed to find a suitable harpsichord recording that wasn’t attached to all sorts of legal complications when I looked last winter, so attached the country piece that was inappropriate if kind of nice.

Wanda Landowska and her cat. This is the photo that charmed me!

Wanda Landowska and her cat. This is the photo that charmed me!

Reminded of that earlier issue with the music, I checked the royalty-free music site I’ve used since March-April of this year. The music I wanted had to be a harpsichord recording (I think of Landowska on that instrument, which she popularized after the instrument suffered a couple of centuries of limited use); I preferred it to be Baroque music (or “Classical” at the latest); and I preferred a piece composed by JS Bach if possible. Two out of three preferences came together in this re-edited version of the tribute video:

I am pleased!

2 thoughts on “Wanda Landowska and her cat.

    • Thanks! It definitely is an improvement. I’m glad Andy triggered the thought to look into music on MacLeod’s website. Andy is a very lovable and loving cat – when he’s in the mood! Ha! His brother Dougy is more mellow more of the time than Andy. All in all, they are super cats.

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