Post 2150: a full load…

Andy found his happy place some months ago…


…and if I’d only leave him alone, he could have a long snooze~! He took a four and a half hour nap after this series of photos was taken. The washing machine is a perfect kitty happy place, according to Andy, though I do make sure no kitty’s in it before I wash clothes.

louie in drier

Louie the ginger cat used to hop into the dryer for his snooze. It was a different combo washer-dryer. He climbed up there his last night. That was where I found his body the next morning.



35 thoughts on “Post 2150: a full load…

  1. I tried to find out how many pets die each year from washers and dryers but couldn’t get a number? I suspect hundreds?
    A infra red sensor would detect heat and keep it in shut off mode,but jack the price up for many people who don’t even own a pet. Maybe have it as an option?

    • The opening of the washer I have is low enough I can see easily into it. The dryer would be a real problem since it is higher, but there is little chance of a kitty in there because the light comes on in it when the door’s open, so I always close it after I take clothes out.

        • There are many ways they can end their lives because of that curiosity and other traits. One of the things kitty people have learn early on is what has to be done to kitty proof the home, which I have done. Another thing kitty people have to do is be alert to behaviors that have the potential to harm cats. I am very aware that Andy might climb into the washer so never toss any clothes into it without first checking for a visitor. The old dryer was more problematic because it was higher up on the machine and I didn’t always see the cat inside unless I peeked. I learned to do that when Louie was my kitty boy. The night he died from lymphoma, he climbed into the dryer, died there. I couldn’t find him where I expected him to be so that was my next place to look. I couldn’t see him till I leaned forward. It is a sad memory, one I try to set aside to remember him as the active, confident master of the house.

    • That’s my biggest concern and why I don’t just turn the machine on. Of course, since he gets in the washing machine part of the stacked washer-dryer, he’d get clothes tossed on him if i didn’t check first. On the old machine, the washer portion was a top loader, which is why Louie (later, Andy) got into that part. They used the top of the washing machine as a platform to hop onto to get to the higher dryer. The new stacked machine is front loading for both, so there isn’t a platform to use to hop into the dryer.

    • Mine has some sort of programming that prevents that from happening by slowing the machine down if it starts to do that in either the washer or dryer. Sure beats the old machine, made in the 90s, that would wake the dead if it had an off-balance load! The new (2016) model has a low enough “window” into the happenings in the machine that both kitty boys like to watch what’;s happening during the washing process. It’s an amazing technology compared with the old one, too. It uses next to no water to wash the clothes, and even determines by its programming how ,much water to use based on volume of clothes being washed.

        • It was a my “gift” to myself. The 90s combo was workable, but certain functions no longer worked and couldn’t be repaired for lack of available parts or repair person. I could have lived with the old one till it completely failed but there was a good price on the new one.

    • Maybe an industrial washer…? It definitely is popular with Andy. Dougy looks inside and hops inside for a little bit, but he doesn’t seem as interested in it as a place to snooze. (His favorite place is any pile of dirty clothes…)

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