02Oct20: that’s debatable…

Andy stopped by just as the presidential debate began.

It started well enough, Wallace presenting a question.

Andy’s kitty sense began to tingle.

Geez! He’s over-talking Biden so bad I barely can understand him! ENOUGH! Andy could not agree more, so he ran off for peace and quiet elsewhere. 



01October20: Must have tasted yummy!

Cleaning up after a yummy chicken dinner, Andy puts energy into it! Of course, he’s on a special diet now, and that chicken dinner is unadulterated chicken, no grains or additives. At the price, I’m glad Andy love, love, loves it. You know kitties, though: as soon as you buy a long term supply of a food they seem to like, they decide they don’t like it, not really! (I’m crossing my fingers with the new food. He’s been eating it for a month of so now, no problems!) 

30Sep20: Andy has better stuff to do.

Andy has better things to do than play with me this morning. Rats!


I got my ballot in the mail yesterday. I spent a few minutes registering my choices and feel relieved, relaxed again. Now it’s up to the rest of America to finish the process. I mailed my absentee ballot request on September 3rd, but these ballots weren’t mailed till 20 or so days later. In the meantime, I got a little early ballot request post card in the mail, setting up some anxiety. Should I use the request form from the County Clerk instead of the one I printed out from the Nebraska Secretary of State’s website? Silly me~! He’s the one who supervises all the election boards in the state and that form has a color Nebraska State flag on the upper left hand corner. How cool!

 The instructions on the back of the mailer say not to fold your ballot. Apparently that’s the United States Postal Service’s job. My ballot came folded in half. 

29Sep20: What would Dougy do?

I put a new newspaper down for Andy. This is a challenge: What will Andy do?

He’s thinking…what will he do?

Here’s what Dougy would do.

Andy! Andy! Andy! What would your late brother think? This newspaper will live to see another day.

28Sep20: Yes???

Andy’s trying to relax on the lapboard.

I can’t ignore this opportunity to get involved with Andy, but he’ll have nothing to do with it. “Yes??? What do you want, human???” 

24Sep20: Oh you cat!

Andy’s too content to leave alone!

What am I doing to Andy that he has the look of “Oh, don’t eat me Mr. Owl!” on his mug?

(Hint: Giving him loving!” And he’ll have nothing to do with it!)



23Sep20: Nice!

What’s yer pleasure, Andrew?

Howsa ’bout a head’n’ear rub my good kitty cat?!

Good guess! >Purr! Purr! Purr!<

22Sep20: lapboard war…

Andy’s upset I’m using the lapboard while typing on my laptop. He wants to lounge.

So he takes up a space behind my laptop. He knows I’ll pick him up off the keyboard, so that’s not worth the trial. Here, he gets what he wants!