Post 1430: Peacock feather time for Dougy!


Like the French for food, Dougy puts high value on presentation. Flash the feather in his face…meh! Hide it under the glide ottoman…YAY!


It’s mostly in the open, but Dougy loves to reach under things to get his “prey”.


PurRrrrrRrrrrrRRRR! Oh, does he love to stick his paws under things to feel his “prey”! It’s almost better than “catching” it!

Post 1429: random Andy stuff…

Waiting patiently for “wet kitty food” time…!

Andy loves to survey his world from the PC….

Dougy lost a little fuzz by assuming Andy would submit to him. Andy’s spit held it to my lap board.

Andy stood there flipping his tail: “Which plume do you like best?”


Andy oftentimes gets less time on this blog than Dougy. The primary difference is Dougy claims me and is always hanging out with me to make sure I don’t give attention to Andy.

Andy gets his time, though, and I can take his photo then! Or I can wait for a time he and Dougy interact. Um, “fight”!

Post 1428: Andy says, “Of course I’m curious! I’m a kitty cat!”

Andy stops by. He wants to know something.

Could it be I’m watching kitty videos. Andy comes closer…


…Nope! Looks like blog editing. Pretty dull stuff!


Time to leave!


Andy has better things to do. Take a nap, perhaps. Yeah! A nap!

Post 1427: mayhem at the kitty videos…


Kitty video time! Dougy must see what’s playing! 


Dougy wants to watch but he’s upset about the seating arrangements….


…so he appraises the possibilities for improving them!


Uh oh! Watch yer tail, Andrew!


What did I “tail” you, Andy? Now that naughty Dougy has your prized seat at the kitty videos! What a naughty Dougy, and on Sunday, too! 


Andy moved over to the recliner. Now he’s alerted to how naughty Dougy is today!


Good grief, Dougy! He chases Andy off  the recliner, too!


I guess no one gets to watch kitty videos today because now both are off chasing each other.

Post 1426: Dougy’s awake now..!

I catch Dougy coming out of his lion’s lair. Uh oh! Dougy’s awake now…


…and he’s going to… 


~ OH NO! Don’t do it Dougy! ~


Aw! Dang cat! Scratching the furniture again!


Maybe he’ll be nice to Andy. Or not! Andy’s kitty sense tingles, his ears go back!


I think Andy suspects Dougy has a plan, a plan that involves A CHASE! Andy slips off the recliner and goes to his hidey hole. Good move Andy!


Very sneaky, Dougy!

Turns out all he wanted was a “skritch” while on his ottoman.

Post 1423: chairs…

Andy is an acrobat.

Dougy prefers the bigger surfaces of the recliner. 

Post 1422: Andy’s current hidey hole…

Andy decided the towel hanging over the back of the chair by the washer/dryer created just enough privacy that he started sleeping under the chair. Never mind both kitty boys have proper kitty beds they never use!

Anyway, I decided if Andy was going to sleep under the chair, I should make it a bit more comfortable with a towel. Andy approves! 

Post 1421: Andy’s chair…for now!

Andy knows he “owns” the recliner as long as Dougy’s not around! On the other hand, there have been times the kitty brothers shared the recliner.

Um…not this time.

Well, maybe they don’t share as much as I thought!

Why, the little poop!

Much better!

Awww! My little angels!

Post 1420: The chase is on!

Dougy wants to know: “Where is that little rascal?!”

“Meow! Meow! Meow!” Andy tells Dougy a thing or two, including the fact that he’s “hiding” by the open front door.

Dougy comes running! Andy slips by him and runs into the dark guest bedroom. The chase is on!


Post 1419: Caturday is for…


…hanging out with our human!


Andy concurs!


Of course, when the birds pop up outside the window, all bets are off!