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I recently left Daily Booth after over 1300 postings. I left some friends, some good times, and, I hope, some significant contributions to the adult part of the site.

I also left a bunch of little entitled princesses (AKA “little blinking blanks“) and spoiled brats who left messages like “u r 2 old” or “u stink“, the sort of comments that stun you for their ignorance and lack of respect. Their generation will have arthritic, twisted thumbs no matter how much they truncate the English language now!

There is no upper age limit on users of Daily Booth, though children under 14 are not allowed to participate. The demographics of the site show teenage girls between 14 and 17 make up most of the boothers. Teenage girls, yup!

There are written community guidelines to use to stop accounts of people who abuse others directly (“u r 2 old“) or indirectly (such as suggestive photos or hate language, among other things).

There is even a thing called the “10 Commandments”, which show ten ways to make the website a pleasant, fun experience.

To add teeth to the formal guidelines, there are two ways a victim or observer of victimhood can draw attention to the bad seed: a blocking feature, which prevents them from posting comments on your account; or a reporting feature where you turn them in to the site managers for punishment or banishment from the site.

It works, mostly.

You still have these little impudent twits to deal with through the safeguards provided. I just reached a point where I no longer felt like dealing with them.

There is an anti-American, antichristian bias on Daily Booth.

Oh! And one young man, who’d earlier indicated he appreciated my comments on his booths, finally admitted he thought my comments were “too long“.

There, in 338 words, is why I’m off Daily Booth. I hope this hasn’t been too long for you.

William G. McAdoo

It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument.-
William G. McAdoo, US industrialist, lawyer, & politician (1863 – 1941)

14 thoughts on “daily booth

  1. i always liked talking to you on dailybooth, in fact, i respected u, i’ll miss u on dailybooth but i’m going to follow u here, coz i like reading what u’ve to say
    Muhammad Qasim (qasim2532 on dailybooth)
    From Pakistan

    • Muhammad ~ I’m pleased you know how to find me in 2012 because I feel respect for you, too. You and I live in countries that “have a history”, as they say when they mean to say “hate each other’s guts but pretend not to”.

      That’s unfortunate because people are people.

      Politicians should be locked in a special place where they can make each other miserable but leave us ordinary people alone so we can just get on with life! Ha!

      You love bunnies and kittens, and I do, too. If two men can say that, then the people who run their countries should be able to learn how to say “I have problems with your loyalties, but I respect your sovereign right to view your people’s interests as more important sometimes than my international agenda”.

      Well, I live in Fantasyland when I write that, but I wish our countries could have as comfortable and natural a relationship as you and I! I hope you continue to do well on your quest to become a chartered accountant.

  2. The amount of times I’ve been told I “type too much” on instant chat by people I know in my age group? it’s sad, they’re just plain lazy. I find it sincerely worrying how today’s youth (yours truly) is acting and how they’re growing up without changing…the world is doomed basically.

    • It surprises me that people have an issue with “too much” content. It is a blessing to be able to express oneself in more than some sub-literate cellphone code. Some of the more interesting, compelling people I’ve met on DB no longer booth. They tend to be some of the more mature, more expressive people, too. There may be a relationship.

    • Exactly. When it ceased being fun, I began to question why I stayed around. “Habit” was the usual answer, though I don’t wish to suggest I don’t feel friendship for a lot of people, yourself included. Let’s just say the neighborhood was starting to feel a bit tacky.

    • Pat ~ And how! That’s one of my favorite passages, and may be the theme I chose for my funeral. (Said funeral, I note, isn’t planned for any time soon!)

  3. nope. It’s not too long…. i love long…. the thing is that i can’t myself write long in foreign language…. it’s so many things that i would love to say to you but i can’t 🙁 not enough words….
    I’m still sad that you are gone but i hope you don’t left (as you said) friends…. and you still in touch with most of us 🙂 Via blog email or whatever 🙂 it would be bad if you would really left us 🙂

    And i hope(again)you are already over this bratz that pissed you so much…. it’s not worth it :-))

    send hugs to your kittens…. i miss them :-))

      • i don’t mind….. it’s ok by me 🙂 and i don’t want to convince you to do this or that…. this blog would be just fine if you want to stay in touch 🙂 i’m not deadly tied to DB 🙂

        And happy new (since 13 minutes) year 🙂

        • Thanks! And Happy New Year to you, too, Adelina! As my kittens’ Nr. 1 Fan, I am especially pleased you know where to find them in 2012!

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