Post 345: Andy’s veterinarian appointment.

After a bad start (Andy didn’t want to be captured to be transported to the veterinarian’s), the appointment went well. Andy’s making good progress on blood pressure and his heart, though he needs to continue the medication till his next appointment in May, perhaps longer.

He’s acting like he feels better, and the examination supports that observation! Thank you all for your thoughts and consideration while we work through Andy’s medical issues!

8 thoughts on “Post 345: Andy’s veterinarian appointment.

  1. So glad to hear that Andy is feeling better. It is funny that he fell asleep during the examination. Cats can sleep through anything, I guess. Hopefully the tuna flavoring makes up for having to take the medication đŸ™‚

    • I think the tuna flavoring helps, but medicine is medicine! I thought it was sweet Andy conked out in the technician’s arms, too! She was cradling him against her body with her arm, and I think the combination of warmth and (possibly) feeling her heart beat reminded him of the good times as a baby with his Mommy! I appreciated her helping hold him and calm him while the other technician took his blood pressure because that involve shaving a spot on his hind foot, wrapping a cuff on the spot, then taping the cuff on his foot. He didn’t like it when the tape stuck to his hair, of course, though the technician tried to minimize that from happening when she taped it on. All in all, it was a very successful trip to the veterinarian!

  2. Ali says run Andy run. She says she does not like the vet either and begin stuck with needles and a thermometer in a not so nice place.
    Sending prayers and good vibes to Andy, Dougy and you.

    • Thanks, digitalgranny! Especially with all you have on your mind, I appreciate your best wishes! Andy’s little ears fold back and his eyes get big when he sees a thermometer…! (I would react, too, if I had to have that type of temperature measurement taken!) He’s pretty good with needles, though.

    • This is Andy’s human writing: Andy is being a bad boy this morning, deliberately hiding to avoid his medicine! We will see! We will see! I predict a little black cat will have the taste on tuna-flavored medicine in his mouth before the hour’s up!

      • This is Shrimp’s “human”- Shrimp does the very same thing to me when I have to wipe her eyes or put medicine in them !! (LOL)! The little rascals…. I hope your little darling will be back to normal soon!!

    • Actually, Andy doesn’t exhibit a lot of symptoms. In retrospect, I guess the decreased interest in playing with cat toys (which he never has been a big fan of when he can play with his brother instead!) was the only sign I recognized as Andy being different.

      Cats (animals in general) can be very difficult to catch being sick. I guess it helps them survive in the wild not to give off signs of sickness or weakness, but it makes it hard in pets!

      That’s the main reason I like to get them both in at least twice a year because it’s a good way to find out how they really are doing. In Andy’s case, his veterinarian wants to see him more regularly (2-3 months) while this heart murmur and his medication are evaluated for change.

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