Post 810: retro kitties…

I’m posting links to a few of my favorite early videos of the boys. Thanks to my cats (including the late Louie), I got back in the business of making movies, and it has been fun! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them.

33 thoughts on “Post 810: retro kitties…

  1. I am going to be grinning the rest of the night on the cuteness overload here. They were such adorable kittens an d still have the more adorable faces. They are beautiful boys and I think that last video of to many boxes shows their faces the best.

    • I hope you enjoy the June 30th selection as much! The one where Taco the tuxedo cat visits and the cricket encounter are probably my favorites of the six, but each has some charm.

    • Hope you enjoy the next batch of six posted for June 30th, too! I enjoy doing videos of the boys, though they can be difficult to film since they are dark and they always seem to behave in the most interesting ways in the part of the house with the lowest light levels! Ha!

  2. They were tiny and very fluffy as kittens – yes, they are still fluffy (not after they have come back from grooming, which makes life easier for them) – but they looked a little less confident than they are today.

      • Hope you do not have to bath them so much these days! I never bath my two. Not even when we come back from the vet and Kessy is all covered in her own excrements. She cleans herself pretty well. But my two are short-hair-cats!

        • No, they get a bath at the groomer’s, but that’s all they’ve required since they were about six months old.

          That was all about diarrhea caused by a parasitic infection they caught by eating the now-notorious grasshopper the boys and their siblings caught in their enclosure when they were really little kittens.

          Once that was taken care of, the bathing problem went away, too. Plus, taking them to the groomer on a bimonthly schedule seems to help because one of the things they get is a “hygienic trim” on their little butts!

          Shorter hair doesn’t trap poop like the standard Persian hairy butt does.

          Poor Dougy (with his really thick hair!) sometimes had poop balls tangled in his butt hair that was so tightly bound that I had to soak his bottom and manually manipulate the poop ball to free it from his hair. Don’t think Dougy and I didn’t just love that! LOL! :\ 🙁

          • Rarely, very rarely, my tom has a problem with one of my long hairs that finds its way into his poop and keeps the poop dangling. He is afraid or hates it – and runs around wildly in the flat. I have to lure him to me (force does not work) and try to surprise him by grabbing the poop and tucking at it … not nice for the two of us, too.

          • I can only imagine…! I have had an occasional accident with a cat toy string tightening around one or the other boy’;s tail, and that is a truick to undo, too. I have a dread of harming the poor kitty before I catch them long enough to untangle the string. They get scared, of course, when this happens, and tryu to run away.

  3. I watched them all! I love seeing them as kittens. “Kitten fights” are one of the most fun things to watch, hands down. Also enjoyed the bit about the boxes. And already commented on FB about Andy’s meow.

    • Tomorrow, it’s more videos from when they were a bit older. Among them: the boys find a cricket (and kill it…!); a kitty visitor alarms the boys; the boys have fun playing with my brother and wear themselves out; a tender moment with a sleeping Andy; and more!

    • Yeah, he was soooo cute, soooo tiny, and soooo mad that day! Those are the least catlike sounds I can imagine, too. Andy is much less vocal these days, and when he “speaks”, it always is in a very soft voice. Dougy is more vocal and always louder than his brother. I think he was still mad because I gave him a bath that day. That certainly explains his crazed kitty look!

        • Ha! Ha! I was a bit in shock when he did it: Such a sound from such a tiny bit of fluff! Of course, as you can tell by his disheviled appearance, he wasn’t completely dried after having a “poop bath” to deal with a messy diarrhea bowel movement. I guess any kitten would scream at the perpetrator! LOL! The irony is that Andy is the quieter of the two cats. Where Dougy’s always meowing about something, Andy usually never meows more than once, and it is very soft. Not that day, though!

          • It is so wonderful that you were able to capture that episode on camera! It is a pure treasure and I would watch it at least once a week because it makes my heart smile. I had an American Eskie who had a diarrhea problem when I first got him and I had to figure out what was going on but until then, ugh! It was a nightmare all over his white fur. Our long-haired companions are beautiful, if they are kept up, but they subject to all kinds of messes. Regardless, this one mess has provide you and all of us with this precious gem. Love it!

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