become a cat

You can learn from cats if you pay attention.

My boys, Andy and Dougy, for example, have a way of taking over my computer desk that says, “Pet us and have the benefits of reduced heart rate and blood pressure!”

The attached video shows what happens when Andy and Dougy save the day.

Voila! Slower heart beats and lower blood pressure. Good boys!

7 thoughts on “become a cat

  1. Hmmm im Experimenting =O 😛 i wonder if this is a workable option to daily, which is sort of Dailylily dieing and crashing :/

  2. That makes me sad to read, Adelina. I feel doubly blessed with the kitten brothers, but there was a month between when Louie died and I got Andy. He was sick at the time, and I was afraid HE would die, too. Now that both brothers are healthy again, I thank God. You are right, they bring great joy.

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