We can work it out!

Much of my disgust with the Washington bunch of late is the whine-whine-whine negativity that could easily be tolerated if the whiners even had one thought about how to improve those things they whine about. 

Put me in the crowd that wants to replace the whole Congress with new people. Well, maybe we can keep a few old ones to guide new Congressmen in the ways of politics: COMPROMISE OR DIE! Oops! There I go again! I all ready established to my satisfaction that decapitation, hanging, impaling, tar-and-feathering, and shooting, among other tempting means are out of line in 2013.

That isn’t to say I’ve given up, though. It’s reasonably predictable that my favorite 3rd District Congressman who rarely answers e-mails and letters will run again in 2014. You know, “run every time, run for another office, or die in office”, the only way new Congressmen and Senators change in red states in the nation’s middle. 

It’s also unlikely I can vote for this fellow, this Adrian Smith guy. Or that anyone else will run or be acceptable if he/she does…!

SO, I propose a write in candidate, one I know is above special interests, bribery, small talk, sucking up to gain favors, or running with the herd. He is:

This is a baby picture of Andy so he looks young and fresh to the electorate!

This is a baby picture of Andy so he looks young and fresh to the electorate!

He isn’t affiliated with any party, but, for sake of a successful campaign, I will encourage him to run as a Republican, the party of most successful Nebraska politicians. I’ll even register as a Republican so I can vote for Andy for Congress in the primary! He’s a winner!

2 thoughts on “We can work it out!

  1. Andy is just TOO much; I want to take him home. And how could you say the previous pix was a fail? It’s another great one. I don’t think Andy can take a bad picture.

    • Thanks! Andy tends to come across as a scaredy cat in real life, but he always comes across in full cattitude in videos and photos. Both the brothers are comedians in different ways. Andy happens to be more subtle than Dougy, the brother most like a goofy, friendly dog. Ha!

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