Post 256: birthday boy!

Perhaps not many care, but today is Ludwig von Beethoven‘s 243rd birthday! I’m celebrating by spending my day listening to classical music. Not all his, though.

If you were 243 years old today, you'd be a grump, too! [Getty Images]

If you were 243 years old today, you’d be a grump, too! [Getty Images]

6 thoughts on “Post 256: birthday boy!

    • Powerful, isn’t it?

      I see a battlefield, at the start, victors and vanquished both at a loss to answer the central questions of their existence: Why? Why me:? Why US?! To what end? 😐

      When the clarinet solo comes in, the scene starts to clarify, combatants stand, gather themselves, see a path forward, and move slowly, of a mind, into it. “Victory” is survival, not political will imposed. 🙂

      That’s my sense of it this morning. Tomorrow, I might see a different struggle.

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