way too early

Andy and Dougy did it again: They convinced me it was “feed the kitties time” when it was actually only 2:00 AM! When this happens, there’s not much point in turning over and going back to sleep. The boys make sure of that. [For anyone reading my blog a first time, “feed the kitties time” is 3:00 AM, as determined by Andy and Dougy…!]

Andy jumps up on the corner of my bed, stares in my face a moment to see if I’m still breathing, my eyes are open, and – most importantly – if I look like I’m getting up to “feed the kitties”. It’s time, you know. If I ignore him, he hops off the bed and comes back in a few short minutes to repeat the process.

Dougy is more assertive. He hops up on the bed, sticks his face on my face, determines if I’m asleep or fooling, kneads me, hops up on me, walks up and down my body till he finds the one spot least comfortable for me to have a cat perched, and perches. Dougy generally wins, but sometimes finds a spot where the extra pressure feels good. I win then and get a little extra sleep!

Today, though, Andy managed to win the game. I must have been sleeping lightly. One arm was over the edge of the bed. Dougy was sniffing it while Andy was giving me that creepy look he gives me when checking me out. (“The human is a meat bag. We must keep that in mind for later!”) Maybe Dougy did something in concert with wee Andy, something I missed. Anyway, I got up to deal with the starving feline population in my bedroom. In the dark, I could sense their little tummies pinched up to their backbones, they were so hungry.

Oddly enough, they were hungry when I put out their dishes of wet food. Usually, one or the other eats first, then the other one comes in to eat, lion style. I guess. Today, they both just plowed into the food at the same time, regardless of which cat brought down the antelope so got to eat first.

It’s still way too early, 3:22 in the morning, but I’m up. I fed the cats. It’s Saturday. I’m a retired guy. I’ve no social or business obligations today. I’ve read my e-mails, watched a few videos on YouTube, and wrote my blog post. Why the heck am I not back in bed? Tell me! I can’t come up with one good reason I’m seated in front of my computer when I could be stretched out in bed, warm and toasty on this cold (-9 degrees F; -23 degrees C) December morning.

Good night! Or should I say, good morning?