Post 259: bedside manner

Dougy often stops by my bed when I sit on the side in the morning. He’ll scratch on the box spring (bad boy!), stretch,  give me a  look that tells me he wants to hop on my bed but is waiting for my OK.

The sign he’s waits for is a pat-pat-pat on the mattress, my hand signal to him to jump up and join me. Once he has the sign and jumps, he always lands with a thump and one “meow”!

I then pat, stroke, scratch, and talk with him. He gets all excited and walks back and forth, tail up, making contact with my hand and side till I start a nose rub, something both boys really, really like! (Persians have a difficult time reaching that spot after all!)

Today, during the back-and-forth business, I thought I heard something. I leaned closer to Dougy, and realized all this time he’d been purring!

Purring! PURRING!

That may not be a big deal to most people, but I am totally deaf in my right ear because of an infection  when I had shingles in 2007. My left ear “works” but ringing in it sometimes cancels out subtle sounds…like Dougy’s soft purr.  Yet there he was, rumbling like a freight train this morning, probably every time he “asks” to hop on my bed and I play our little ritual out, just not loud enough for me to realize he reacted to the ritual with a purr.

Today, though, I finally caught a slight hint of a sound, leaned closer to Dougy, and heard that soothing, happy sound of a happy cat!

Happy cat, happy me! If you don’t hear, then hear, it is a miracle, a joy I can’t describe!