Post 261: Christmas…again!!?

Pretend I am in the “Christmas mood”…!

christmas stamps 2012

You’ve just received an envelope with the stamp above attached. You are upset because the rate this year is 46 cents, and the post office attached a 1 cent postage due stamp on the envelope. “What #*&@! sent me a Christmas card with postage due?” you mumble. “Bah humbuggery if you ask me….”

The cat looks familiar….

xmas 1

You open the envelope. Same cat. Slightly different message: “Snuggle into the holidays vs. Snuggle in for the holidays,” you think, “Whatever.” That penny postage due business still rankles, and you still don’t know who to thank for the irritation of having to find a penny to get the card.

You open the card, and there it is: Andy sprawled on his back and a really nice greeting! Yeah! And the other cat is Dougy.

xmas 2

“That ^$%#@ Doug owes me a ^$#%$ penny!” Yep! Weggieboy sent you an old card with postage due this year! Nice to know you count, eh!?


May you have a blessed Christmas and a great New Year, if I don’t get around to it later this week. And don’t worry! I’ll give you a penny the next time I see you!