weird weather

The Weatherbug weather report this morning was contradictory when I checked it out around 3:40 AM.

high for 12-3-13

On one hand, the then-current temperature was 36 degrees F. On the other, the predicted high for the day is 29 degrees F.  

A little detective work (very little!), and I established the report stuck halfway in Monday, and halfway in Tuesday. I’m not sure when the change from one day to another happens, but I imagine it is 12 midnight since everything usually lines up correctly before Dougy and Andy get me up to “feed the kitties”, one of their favorite times of day.

I clicked on the toolbar icon for Weatherbug to see what it said.

high for 12-3-13

Still a bit confusing, but the day of the week matched, well, the day of the week, Tuesday, today. I clicked on the temperature, thinking it might update, too, since the date had. Click. It updated.

I’m not sure what happened exactly, but the Weatherbug weather report failed to completely update till I manually forced it. Whew!

It looks like a good day to stay inside and catch up on reading. Since I’ve finished my blog early and can make quick work of all new e-mails, I hope to snuggle into Andy’s recliner, comforter over my lap, and spend the rest of the day reading!