Post 279: Peaceable kingdom? Soon enough!

Andy and Dougy both have favorite places to roost and sleep. Sometimes those favorites spots lack sufficient space between them for comfort of one cat or the other, and one brother commits mayhem on the other: tooth and claw, a chase!

Today’s “issue” between Andy and Dougy was the computer desk. Dougy claimed the lower part of the desk first and returned off and on for more loving. A few minutes with me, then he’d leave.

Andy decided to come around between Dougy’s visits to stretch out on his favorite spot, the computer desk shelf. I thought it was Dougy in the low light.


Andy took a snooze. I pet him on his irresistible tummy and quickly realized my mistake when paws with claws moved toward my hand. In the low light, the mistaken identity took on an ominous twist.

“Gad! It’s Andy! That was close!” I thought, and quickly pulled my hand back before Andy got serious. I’d been warned…! Don’t play “Got yer tummy!” with kittens or they grow up to be tigers that think this is a “fun” game! Watch the video closely….

(See where I set up the future?!)

Then, I heard a little “meow” to my other side, Dougy’s way of notifying me he was there and wanted up. He could have climbed up by way of the recliner, but, well, Dougy’s figured out how to use me as an elevator! I grabbed him and put him on the computer desk by my arm.

Andy noticed. Not OK. No one asked him if he wanted to share the desk with Dougy! He reached down, and pulled a hunk of hair off the area behind Dougy’s right ear.

I pulled Dougy away from his brother, who reached down again and claimed more hair from Dougy’s haunch!

This wasn’t working out, so I picked up Dougy and put him back on the floor. He hopped up on the old computer chair, the one with no back and tons of claws marks from past sleepy times.


I collected the tufts of Dougy fur and disposed of it. (Dougy eats hair, dang cat! I asked his veterinarian about it.) Andy watched with interest, and hopped down on the lower level by my arm to capture a tuft I missed. I took it away from him. No scalp collections allowed!


Andy was not amused!


Not to worry! Andy and Dougy are on good terms again. The tiff lasted a short time. I think Andy just couldn’t ignore the opportunity of taking on his bigger brother from a spot that gave him an advantage! Poor Dougy didn’t swat back, and Andy didn’t do anything more to his brother than he did to me: give a warning to leave him alone while he ruled his roost!