Post 278: a hairy decision made

My Seattle sister, the boys’ Auntie Kathy, e-mailed this message to me yesterday: “I liked the picture of Dougy, a very handsome boy. I think the boys are cuter with longer hair.” She referred to this photo from yesterday’s post:


Yeah! I think so, too! Since she has Sox the tuxedo cat, another long-haired beauty, her opinion counts a lot!

Cat-cousin Sox, a real fox!

Cat-cousin Sox, a real fox!

Originally, I had the boys trimmed to deal with the problem of poop catching in their tail and butt hair. Mats, too, were a big issue. They came out of the grooming much lighter, even cute! Of course, they had little patches where mats were cut out, but, well, hair grows!

By the time I took them in for their second grooming session in January 2012, their groomer and I decided to try a teddy bear cut. Wow! Andy turned out especially cute, with his Jennifer-Grey-in-“Footloose” leggings and his insouciant, jaunty walk in this video:

Don’t you just want to grab those cute little whiskers and make happy cooing sounds? (Andy would leave stumps on the ends of your arms if you did, but, well, he still was soooo cute!)

The teddy bear cut continued to work well with the boys, and the matting issue mostly disappeared because the sessions with the groomers left them much more tolerant of brushing. I even bought a brush like the one his groomers use because it has lots of thin angled wires that glide through their hair with minimal impact on their tender kitty skin: The boys love to be brushed now, thanks to the tender care of the groomers.

Andy with a teddy bear cut.

Andy with a teddy bear cut.

The last time I had the boys groomed, they came back with a little longer hair. I thought then they looked really good that way. They are Persians! And the variety of Persian they are has lovely black hair with silver highlights that becomes more noticeable when their hair’s longer. See what I mean?

Andy before a haircut. That piece of cottonwood is a favorite perch.

Andy before a haircut. That piece of cottonwood is a favorite perch.

It isn’t entirely obvious, but the boys have markings similar to Birmans (which their father was), like a long-haired Siamese, just darker. Of course, in strong sunlight striking it from certain angles, Andy’s chest hair looks like this:

Andy resting on back_edited-1

The boys are lighter on the underside than the top. Dougy is darker than Andy, and Andy even has a hint of a darkish light patch on his chest. In light, their hair color-shifts. The photo above was in artificial light, and Andy’s natural colors are hinted at, if not shown that well. Maybe this video shows it better since both boys are in motion and in natural daylight:

That video, made in November 2013, reminded me just how pretty the boys can be! You also can see how much darker Dougy is than Andy, though both are very pretty creatures, in my opinion!

Yes, when the boys have their next grooming session at the end of this month, I’m asking for a “Persian cut”, one that emphasizes the natural beauty of this variety of cat, one that deals with the poopy butt issue (a trim-up “back there”) but allows the rest of the hair to go natural.

A light trim? Maybe. I’ll discuss it with the groomers. The boys looked cute with teddy bear cuts, but they look beautiful as natural Persians!