28Sep20: Yes???

Andy’s trying to relax on the lapboard.

I can’t ignore this opportunity to get involved with Andy, but he’ll have nothing to do with it. “Yes??? What do you want, human???” 

24Sep20: Oh you cat!

Andy’s too content to leave alone!

What am I doing to Andy that he has the look of “Oh, don’t eat me Mr. Owl!” on his mug?

(Hint: Giving him loving!” And he’ll have nothing to do with it!)



23Sep20: Nice!

What’s yer pleasure, Andrew?

Howsa ’bout a head’n’ear rub my good kitty cat?!

Good guess! >Purr! Purr! Purr!<

21Sep20: fly by…

Andy’s horns are locked in place. A fat fly flew by, inviting Andy to the hunt.

Whew! Talk about circuitous flight! 

Too much for Andrew. It probably was a tough fly anyway. Andy takes a snooze.

19Sep20: Enough!

Andy enjoys a face rub no less than any proper cat, but he also lets me know when he’s had enough!

18Sep20: restless…

Andy starts off like this…

….ends upside down, well his head anyway!

That’s his tongue sticking out. Hee! Hee! I woke him up when I laughed. No more sleeping kitty boy photos today!





17Sep20: midnight snack, if he can catch it…

Andy is alert to…

…something buzzing behind the stacked carriers. (I hope he catches the miserable $&T@!)

16Sep20: a late supper and a nap….

I overslept tonight. Andy is very aware of that, and he put a little claw into his usual pat on my leg to let me know I am neglecting this important moment!

Incredulous! Andy can’t believe I’ve not running to the kitchen to fix yummy kitty food. (I’m watching him closely in case he needs to add more claw to his demands.)

I barely move and Andy is on his way to the kitchen! He didn’t leave any food tonight.