Post 292: some things are more important to do

My plans for yesterday were simple: I’d wallow in all the build-up to the State of the Union speech, watch the speech and responses, and go to bed.

Around 8:30 AM, however, I had a telephone call from the woman at RSVP. A veteran missed the Veterans Administration van to Hot Springs, South Dakota. He had an afternoon appointment to evaluate the next steps to deal with a broken left knee – ow! – and would I be available to take him there?

It was a “no brainer”. This Desert Shield veteran had a serious injury, not some routine check up he could reschedule with no particular consequences, and he turned out to be someone I knew because I worked for decades with members of his family at the hose factory. I know his mother and father, several aunts and uncles, some cousins. Of course I’d drive him to the VA in South Dakota! Gladly!

The trip was uneventful. We got to the clinic ahead of schedule, and that gave him a slight advantage in that they took him in for his evaluation before schedule, a bit of serendipity since the injured knee, in a brace, still gave him some discomfort when we rode over bumps. As you can imagine, the best part of his day would be when we finally got back home and he could better control the discomfort and pain of the knee.

Good luck with the surgery on that knee later this week, Norman!

Six hours and forty-five minutes of my time given to help this man. Though I wanted to wallow in the State of the Union speech hubbub at the start of the day, a telephone call reminded me some things are more important to do.

2 thoughts on “Post 292: some things are more important to do

  1. You spent your time better helping this wonderful vet than wallowing in politics. We salute you.
    Yeah we all get involved in politics and our thoughts and what a holes they are-depending on which party you support-and forget life is still happening no matter what they do.
    There is a phone tree here of Disabled Nam Vets who will go and pick up any vet who needs a ride to or from the VA in Tacoma or Seattle at no expense to the vet who needs the transportation.
    Hubby did that for many years til he could don longer drive and the vets here are wonderful people.
    Have a great rest of the week.

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