Post 778: more flowers…

I stopped my car in front of the sidewalk leading to my apartment so I didn’t have to carry the three potted flowers so far. The neighbor in the other half of the apartment (a duplex) saw me and offered to help carry the flowers, which I gladly accepted! Walking in the thick grass and uneven ground at the cemetery left me a bit worn. flower3

The flower above is the third one I set out at the cemetery. It got a little beat up in the heavy rains, but will recover nicely.


The boys got a little excitement this morning. I have the doors open for  the fresh air, which means the boys get to view what shows up in the yard. Today, it was a yowling all-white kitty. That caught their attention!

I suspect it is one of the four kittens another neighbor says a neighborhood feral cat had a while back. I’ve seen a white and black cat and one that looks amazingly like Andy and Dougy, so that makes (I think) three of four I’ve spotted.

If you are familiar with “kitty love”, you’d recognize the yowling as a warm up to making more kittens. I think the neighbor said she’d caught and had some of the kittens neutered or spayed. I hope this white cat is one of those. 

8 thoughts on “Post 778: more flowers…

  1. lovely. Aww yes female in heat kitty. We have not heard that sound din a while as the poor strays seem to have all disappeared into the woods and I do to like to think about how they got there.

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