Post 1458: Dematting time, boys!

Andy saw me coming. He didn’t know what was on my mind, but he quickly hopped on top of the PC, which offers easy escape routes for the wary kitty boy.

He looked right, then took off left! Well played Andy, my kitty! Well played!

“La! La! La!” Dougy comes around the corner, oblivious to what’s next!

“Not dematting! NOOOOOOOOOOO!” (Which in Cattinese is “Mrow! MROWWWWWWWWW!”)


I suppose it will be like this till late September, the earliest I was able to reschedule them at the groomer.

16 thoughts on “Post 1458: Dematting time, boys!

    • Claws? Or the “purrseption” of claws? Or long hours and no glory? I always leave a handsome tip, knowing there is nothing sure about having a groomer that works on cats. Perhaps I am an exception.

    • That was a happy accident! Usually, the really good shots don’t happen because of the shutter speed the smart phone calculates out. In this instance, I had decent light, so the shutter tripped at the right time for the photo I wanted to take.

    • It doesn’t make me feel good that Andy and Dougy treat me with suspicion since the dematting season began. I know it’s unpleasant for them, yet the alternative is reduced mobility, discomfort. Try to tell that to a kitty!

    • I have a dematting comb, pet combs, and a pair of scissors with a hooked end that is designed for cutting out sutures. I got the last one from the hospital. After they cut out a suture in my arm, they were going to toss it out, part of infection control. I told my nurse I could use it if they were just tossing it. It works pretty well for the job, ex=specially mats that are close to the skin.

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