Post 695: in which Andy thinks twice before fleeing…

Andy thought he outwitted me today when I came looking for him to give him his medicine. Yep! That he did! And he did, but just for a short time.

Cleverly, I ignored Andy after the first missed opportunity, when he ran into my bedroom and sneaked under my bed…!

A few minutes later, I opened the front door. It’s only 9°F (-12.8°C) at the moment, so an open door isn’t a good idea! Unless, of course, you know it will attract Andy and Dougy for a snoop and sniff session! In no time, Andy was mine, mine, mine, and flopped over on his back with a medicine syringe in his mouth!

Today, I won! Mwahahahaha!

I let Andy down and he ran to the broken computer chair.

I let Andy down and he ran to the broken computer chair.

Andy became alert, looked my way...!

Andy became alert, looked my way when I approached the chair…! He wanted to flee…again!

“Silly kitty,” I said. “You’ve had your medicine and treats, so you are free to be a kitty the rest of the day. Now, pose nicely for your fans in Blogotania!”

So Andy posed nicely for everyone!  Good kitty!

So Andy posed nicely for everyone!
Good kitty!

In the meantime, Dougy made hay while the sun shined, and went on a snoop to the top of Andy’s happy place: the blue carrier.

Can you believe that Dougy?!

Can you believe that Dougy?! This is what he did while Andy posed nicely.

Sniffing away, and Andy's just in front of the settee on the broken computer chair, an arm's length away!

Sniffing away, and Andy’s just in front of the settee on the broken computer chair, an arm’s length away!

25 thoughts on “Post 695: in which Andy thinks twice before fleeing…

  1. And, Dougy is taking a walk/sniff on the wild and dangerous side there. How long did Andy tolerate that?

    I think it’s wonderful how you have people all over the world who know about your 2 rascals, and their cat personalities. 🙂

    • It is wild to think there are people in France, Poland, Japan, and dozens of other countries who know Andy and Dougy. The Internet is an amazing thing, eh? As for Dougy taking a walk and sniff on the wild side, I think Andy was too tired out from his escape and evasion tactics to worry about his brother. He never did challenge Dougy over his naughtiness.

    • No kidding! Tomorrow, he’ll have a new strategy. I was surprised he fell for the old “the front door is open, so I should run over there to sniff under the door” trick I pulled on him. It is unimaginatively successful, and attracts both boys to the door. I suspect part of why Andy runs to the door is he feels safe because Dougy runs to the door, too. What he always seems to forget is he is boxed in a bit, with no place to run if I catch him by the door. I use my cane to “herd” him. I don’t even have to touch him with it. If it’s near him, he stops moving and succumbs to capture. Ha!

          • And how! [Andy’s on the top of the recliner, just behind me and within grabbing distance….! He hasn’t been medicated yet this morning. I’m thinking a quick grab and I have the little fart. He’s receiving my brain waves over his whisker receivers, and processing the plan as I type…! Will I catch him and get medicine down his throat…or will he get away and hide the rest of the day, knowing I’m on the prowl? Stay tuned!]

            [Captured, photographed in his shame, dosed, massaged and reassured, Andy was released to spent the rest of the day munching his treats for being a good boy or to do whatever he wishes! I should dedicate today’s blog to you!]

          • Well, at one point last summer there were almost 20 of them around our house. It was a very rough winter for Florida and then we had some bad dogs roaming around that took off quite a few. But the adult cats haven’t given up.

  2. A really nice posing – he looks relieved, that the medicine was behind him. You know, it is age-old cat-law that a cat can not just give in and sit meekly while waiting for the medicine. He HAD to flee.

    • It was funny taking his photo on the broken computer chair. He thought he should flee — you could see he was thinking about it, very strongly! — but then he stayed and stayed nicely for the photo where he’s posed. You are very right saying he was relieved!

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