Post 364: Chocolate!

Sometimes the world comes to you.

My next door neighbor stopped by unexpectedly this morning. She mentioned today is to be a happy day, and handled me a 3 Musketeers mini-bar.


Who am I to reject such an unexpected gift? (So I didn’t!)

6 thoughts on “Post 364: Chocolate!

    • How true! I was in a very mean mood before she came.

      The Supreme Court’s decision on campaign financing seemed a step toward a return to conditions at the end of the 19th Century and the age of robber barons, Jacob Riis’ photos of immigrants living in squalor, child labor, run-amok unbridled capitalism, unsafe work spaces for underpaid employees, and money-corrupted public officials at the highest level.

      A little candy changed the mood!

      I still think the Supremes made a mistake, but time will show one way or other.

    • Yum! Me, too! Chocolatey malt delight! I only wish my neighbor had decided to make my day really, REALLY happy! I know what I’m buying the next time I go for groceries, too…. Happy-happy-happy! (But she doesn’t like cats. Dougy and Andy came to greet her, but stayed a good six-seven feet away: They knew!)

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