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This year, Nebraska voters who registered as “Nonpartisan” can ask to get ballots that allow them to vote in the primary on the Democratic Party ballots as a “Nonpartisan-Democrat”. One other party (I think a libertarian party, but don’t recall) allows Nonpartisans to vote on their primary ballots, too. The Republican Party doesn’t allow Nonpartisans to vote on their primary ballots.

I voted 4-23-14

I voted 4-23-14

I don’t know that there is any particular benefit to approaching the primary either way, but am glad I had a chance to vote for actual people in state-level positions for a change without having to register for one of two parties I don’t particularly identify with.

I mean, I’m conservative on some issues, liberal on others, and centrist on most. Today’s parties are too polarized to include me. As a person registered as a Nonpartisan, voting in the primary was a waste of time and money for the county and me: Last time, I had exactly one thing to vote on, and it was something related to regional Natural Resources District policies or something. (I had no horse in that race.)