Post 365: A rippin’ good time!

I mentioned how a political mailer from my congressman, Adrian Smith, won’t stay in the wastepaper basket because my cats keep salvaging it for “cat reasons”, whatever those might be.

clean 1

“Umm..Andy!? Was ist los? ‘Sup, kitty!?” Andy looks mighty suspicious from where I am. What’s he hiding?

"Nothin' much. Mind your own business! I'm not talkin' with you"

“Nothin’ much. Mind your own business! I’m not talkin’ with you”

All the more suspicious, I’ll say. I need to get to the bottom of whatever is going on. The cats obey me, not the other way around. Right? It’s looking like that dang mailer again.

“Scat, cat!” It may be his territory to occupy and defend, but it is an eyesore and trash to me.

Andy pretends to preen and clean...till he can return to the scene.

Andy pretends to preen and clean…till he can return to the scene.

I toss the mailer one more time, and forget about it.

Later, I return to the scene.

"#A&%^#A cat!" Andy (most likely) slipped the mailer out of the trash once again, and has been playing with it. It's a bit more worn out now. Maybe I can finally toss it one day, shredded to pieces.

“#A&%^#A cat!” Andy (most likely) slipped the mailer out of the trash once again, and has been playing with it. It’s a bit more worn out now. Maybe I can finally toss it one day, shredded to pieces.

Andy’s had a rippin’ good time, it seems….

11 thoughts on “Post 365: A rippin’ good time!

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    • Andy and Dougy will be 3 on July 1st. In cat years, they are old enough to vote. To the best of my knowledge, all of us support the same people. (I won’t vote for Adrian, but neither will my cats!) That said, the boys really like Adsrian’s propaganda mailing! Top quality for those things cats (mine, at least) value in such things!

  2. Andy is such a funny guy. Perhaps this flyer has just the right texture for tearing. My cats find certain objects that they just love for reasons unknown by me too.

    • It’s showing toothmarks as well. The boys take over anything paper. If I drop a letter on the floor, it’s not long before there’s a cat on it! If I forget to put the paper stop up on my printer and paper flies off the edge onto the floor…yep! A cat will claim the paper! (I sit with the printer behind me, and often forget to put up the stop. Once a cat claims the paper, of course, it’s easier to just reprint whatever I just printed!

  3. Andy definitely has his own political views<:)
    Andy is such a beautiful fella and can vote anyway he wants is what he is telling you and he is scratching up the competition.
    Hope you and the boys are having a good week end.

    • I get mail from all parties. In Smith’s case, I am a constituent. I treat each political mailing the same way (toss), but, being very discerning cats, the boys treat them according to their play-worthiness. “Thick” is one quality they like. This one is printed on heavy stock. “Magazine” is better because they like to search between the pages for those mice and other vermin they know are hiding inside. 😉

    • Thanks! I haven’t posted every day for a year. Sometimes I posted twice in a day, while other days I didn’t post at all. The first posts, before I changed to the current theme, took from 2009 till last year to accumulate, and the later ones, mostly inspired by my cats, flowed with more regularity.

      I’ve deleted a few for one reason or other, have some drafts I never posted, and am happy to see more and more people subbing it, probably because of Dougy and Andy! I’m sure my politically-motivated ones cost a few followers, but they aren’t something I intend to be a major part of the whole.

      (I tolerate a lot in other people’s blogs if they are well written, interesting, and don’t creep into conspiracy theories. Presumably, other people tolerate some of mine as well!)

      • Admittedly I was drawn to the cats, but now enjoy all aspects of your blog. As you know I post several times a day, so in the 6 months of doing CATB I recently passed 700 posts. Yikes!

      • (Now we confess what we really are in the bloggosphere for…! Of course, it was the cats that drew me to yours, too! 🙂 )

        It’s amazing how fast they add up. eh?! I enjoy your poems, songs, and other texts with your photos. I can appreciate how much effort it takes keeping up that level of fun and interest!

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