Post 372: not much happening today

The door’s open, and birds (including some blue jays) stopped by to take baths in the little bird bath.

I hoped to show the boys enjoying the bird show, but they are off doing other cat things…sleeping, opening cabinets, eating dry cat food and ignoring the wet, acting like they’d rather not play with me today, acting like they want to play with me today…erg! Just being cats!


How bad is it? I had to dig out the photo above from yesterday to show something.

You might recognize Andy (on left) because this is the photo I cropped to get a picture of Andy walking over to the door yesterday.

andy goes to door

What’s Dougy doing in the top photo? Darned if I can figure it out. He was on the cat lounger staring at the wall. Spiders? I hope so, or he’s going “nutz” on me!

Andy's still defending that Smith mailer.

Andy’s still defending that Smith mailer.

I did get something on record for today’s cat activities, such as that is. Here’s Andy not doing much. His horns are up, but I’m not sure why. The mailer’s still contested territory between the boys, but Dougy isn’t interested in it today, not now.

Not much happening today.