Post 579: recall

I have a recall on my car to tend to today, one that shouldn’t involve me since I just keep a house key and the fob that opens the car door locks and so on on the key ring. Since I have to drive out of town to get it looked at and fixed, there goes my morning.

"We're all going to die!"

“We’re all going to die!”

Oh, we might die if we hang crap from our key ring other than the fob that opens door locks and so on. Well, I have a fob and a house key. If GM ignition locks are so fragile they can’t handle that extra weight, then, we are all going to die! If that’s the case, they need to get into a different line of work.

I use the regulation key ring, of course, the one that GM provided with the fob. I think I’m OK.

A simple fix.

A simple fix.

Won’t take but 15 minutes to do. Oh, and they’ll probably need to have it longer than that, depending on whatever. Of course, that excludes the 107 mile round trip to Scottsbluff, roughly two hours of driving. Good thing they recently remodelled their waiting room, and it is quite pleasant.

I’ve had this car since new in 2009, and this is the first recall. I guess that is a good thing. I have better things to do with my time.

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    • Thanks! I’m glad I have that taken care of. The dealer actually ios very customer-centered, and I got royal treatment even though the only money they got out of me today was $39 for one of those magic keys with a microchip. So much for the days you walked into a hardware store and got copies for a trivial amount!

    • It worked out: I took an unexpected nap in the waiting room, got a spare key to replace a lost one, and they actually ran the buggy through their car wash. Everything was fine after all!

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