Northern France : The First World War Remembrance Trails…..

Before we send more young people into war, we need to remember the reasons we don’t do it without great deliberation.

6 thoughts on “Northern France : The First World War Remembrance Trails…..

    • always is an interesting place to stop for a look at the beautiful French countryside, but this particular post was, as you note, Melanie, impressive and emotional. I felt it was worthy of a reblog, both to share with others who might miss it otherwise and so I had it to return to in future. I highly recommend that blog for their usual posts as well. It is easily one of the top five or so blogs I’ve followed regularly for content and interest.

  1. Yes, our world LEADERS (including the religious ones) need to consider your point. It will be the civilians that always suffer more… The historical comparison using photography was fascinating. Now with computers, there have been quite a bit more “comparos” especially for WWII – Europe.

    • Yes, very true. The thing I find most upsetting is how civilian loss is hidden as “collateral damage”. Anyone in a war zone is at risk, regardless of whether they have a weapon in their hand or not, whether they are newborn or 99. Bombing of cities…! Murder.

    • I was overwhelmed by it, and thought it was better than anything I could put together. I agree, obviously, and note that this particular blog generally is a showcase for the fun things and places of France. I felt they handled a difficult topic beautifully.

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