Post 584: Just watching…that’s all!

Andy is a quiet little guy. Where Dougy would make pathetic mewing sounds to try to get me to play, Andy just comes up from behind, taps me on the arm, then just sits there.

“What’s up, boy?! What do you want, Andy? Food? Play? To look out the front door? What!? What!? What!?”

Just there...! Why?

Just there…! Why?

Yes, he’ll just sit there. Watching, waiting, quietly expecting something from me, but what? “Speak up, Andy! Lead me to what you want!…!”

Maybe he just admires me. Naw! He wants something. Something...!

Maybe he just admires me. Naw! He wants something. Something…!

Some days, it just creeps me out! Today, though, I figured out he wanted to play with the wand toy, so we had a nice play session until Dougy galumped onto the scene and took over. Dougy is that way: You never wonder for long what he’s about.

18 thoughts on “Post 584: Just watching…that’s all!

        • Andy and Dougy are my first black ones. I think the long hair makes them less Halloweeny, but I’d never let them out in that season just the same. Of course, I never let them out anyway, though Dougy’s taken a few short unauthorized “snoops” just outside the door when I held it open to make videos of snow.

  1. Oh my!! I do the same as Andy when I want something that’s not real important. Like a quick came of raging vacuum..I have my own vacuum…which I love. Or a pet and a wee tickle….of course this is usually at 3 am otherwise I drag things out to play with or give her the evil eye over my near empty food bowl.


    • The boys’ wake-the-human ritual is this: Andy hopes up on my bed long enough to look into my face for signs of open eyes, then he hops down to wait by my bed. Doug hops up on my bed, making a strange little “let’s-GO” kind of sound, sniffs my face, walks on me, brushes my face with his tail, sniffs my face again, kneads any part of my body not covered adequately with a blanket to protect it from his “razor claws of death”, walks on me again, etc. As you can tell, Dougy is the one best able to get me out of bed. Louie, the ginger cat I had before I got the boys, used the “butt in the face” strategy plus the “walk on the human till you find the one spot that is really, really uncomfortable to him” strategy. He weighed 23 pounds 12 ounces (10.8 kilos), so he generally had better results walking on me than Dougy does! In fact, it actually feels kind of like a massage when Dougy walks on me, not a torture like it was with Louie.

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