8 thoughts on “Post 585: Veterans Day 2014

    • Other versions are more familiar, but I felt the Orbison version (aside from beautifully sung) was the least politically provocative. SOme people would ignore the message if sung (also beautifully) by Joan Baez, for example or Pete Seeger, who had strong unionist/leftist associations that cloud some people’s ability to hear his message. Ugh.

      Anyway, I appreciate your comment. I hope people will check out your blog too, incidentally, because it is one of the more informative and beautifully produced ones I know. I enjoy your descriptions of your farm and what you have there!

      • I have to agree with you there. Orbison was a good non-political choice. I remember my mother taking me to see Pete Seeger when I was a little girl. He was performing at Mystic Seaport. I was fascinated, and I think it helped spark an interest in music.

        Thank you for your kind comment on my blog site. Rick and I love it there. We had our first frost this morning, and I hear a storm is brewing off the Oregon coast. We are going to get some of this polar vortex that is in progress.

        • Minus 3.2 degrees here at the moment, with a wind chill advisory. We had a tiny amount of snow yesterday. I haven’t looked outside yet this morning. It’s still dark. Anyway, I think most people will enjoy reading and looking at your blog because it is a quality piece of work, beautifully illustrated! Plus, you have a fun story unfolding, a dream coming true. I think everyone likes some positivity these days, there is so little of it!

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