Post 694: takes one to know one.. a sneak attack on Andy

Remember this photo from yesterday? That’s Andy giving me that “don’t think you have me cornered, bub!” look that tells me he is ready to escape and evade everything from his daily dose of medicine to a little “wuvving”.

Solar powered?  Can you have any doubts?

Andy challenges me to catch him with this look….

He can be a rascal to pin down, as anyone following this blog knows.

Andy resting after he and Dougy chased each other.

Andy, on another day, resting on arm of the recliner.

Yes, today Andy was resting on the arm of the recliner, not paying attention to me, quietly grooming his paws and face, when I snatched him up and took him into the dining room to give him his daily dose of medicine! Woo hoo!

So he is medicated for the day. He will learn quickly, if he hasn’t already, that “medicine time” moved from noonish to breakfast time because he managed to escape and evade his daily dose too frequently at the later time.

Sorry, Andy, but it looks like you have to take medicine for life. Yeah, I’m thrilled, too! 🙁

43 thoughts on “Post 694: takes one to know one.. a sneak attack on Andy

    • The first thing Andy does when I let him down is shake his front paws (like he would if he stepped in water), then he goes to the fountain for a drink of water. In the meantime, I put his kitty treat down for him, and he comes back for that after he gets a drink. Anything to get that taste out of his mouth, I suppose!

    • I try to be, Maggie, though he doesn’t appreciate the medicine. On the other hand, once he gets dosed, I massage his shoulders, tell him what a good boy he is (even though he isn’t always!), and give him kitty treats to munch. That he does like, and I ain’t just woofin’, as teenagers used to say in the 1950s!

  1. Ah, cats and their medication. I was so proud of myself – HMC’s sister had a thyroid condition, and I got her to take her pills every day – or so I thought. For a year after she passed on I kept finding her pills everywhere! Sneaky cat! I hope you have more success! Ellie

    • Ha! Ha! Reminds me of one of my nieces. Her parents gave her a vitamin pill every day. When they moved, they found she’d been stuffing them into an opening in the table pedestal and it was filled with the with the pills! Anyway, aside from the possibility of getting bitten trying to force a pill down Andy’s throat, I was reasonably sure he wouldn’t be easy to medicate that way. I asked the veterinarian if it could be worked up in a solution, it could, and you can even have it flavored with chicken or tuna flavoring. I get it in tuna.

    • Moderately elevated blood pressure, of all things! (Hard to imagine a cat having high blood pressure, but there you go.) Fortunately, the medication keeps it in check, though the process of administering it surely contributes to the condition. Here’s one: Do you know how they take a cat’s blood pressure? With a cuff, just like your docotr and mine checks our blood pressure, only they trim the hair down on either a leg or the tail (!) to attach it. Andy was not amused…!

    • And how! It’s a psychological exercise! Strangely enough, Andy almost looks forward to the medicine because he gets a nice kitty treat afterwards. I can see the confusion in his face when he realizes he’s about to get dosed: “Am I happy because I’m going to get a treat shortly or upset because I’m about to get a mouthful of icky medicine now?!” I also give him a massage on the shoulders and a good ear scratching after I dose him, and he likes that a lot.

    • I think Dougy would like to try being an outside cat – till the first scary thing showed up! I can’t imagine either surviving as outside cats. I hope they realize how privileged they are!

      “Cats in Canada are outside when it’s -8° — and that’s Celsius! They have to run with polar bears and hope the bears let them eat the seal scraps after the bears gorge themselves! They poop in holes they chisel out of the ice on the lakes! At night, they have to howl at the moon with the timber wolves or be eaten for being unsocial! Yep, you have it soft here in the States, boys, and don’t you fergit it!”

    • Andy takes no crap off of anyone or anything! He’s a little bit cynical, more than a kitty should be. Dougy, on the other hand, is a big doofus who trusts everyone and everything! Hard to believe they are brothers sometimes.

    • Andy has a heart murmur and slightly elevated blood pressure. My mother, who died days short of 98 years of age, was born with a heart murmur, as are many people. It makes the heart less efficient as a pump, but Andy doesn’t seem affected by it in any noticeable or significant way. The blood pressure is in control, thanks to the medicine. He is naturally slender and has a good metabolism for maintaining a good weight (unlike his brother, who trends toward chunky if not watched…!), a significant benefit for avoiding diabetes and kidney problems, both of which are typical issues with Persians. Anyway, you don’t need to worry about Andy as he is doing well, though he hates his medicine!

        • We get through it each day…or not! I asked his veterinarian about late doses and no doses in instances where Andy out-smarts me, and there is some leeway. On the other hand, high blood pressure can cause blindness in cats if it isn’t controlled.

          • II get the medicine in a liquid form that supposedly is tuna-flavored. Chicken flavor is available, too, but Andy is a tuna boy! It has to be refrigerated. I think part of why he doesn’t like it is that it’s cold as well as bitter. I shoot it into his mouth with a syringe.

          • Oh that’s convenient, but yeah it’s got to be the cold and bitter taste of it that drives him away, I’m not sure but it could also be that it’s shot in his mouth, maybe it scares him..

      • They did Andy two ways: they trimmed a patch on his hind leg and wrapped the cuff around that and they trimmed a patch on his tail near the base and put the cuff there. Andy was a very upset kitty about the tail method! l don’t recall him being very thrilled with the leg method either, but he didn’t fight that one.

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