Post 1827: A bit late today – sorry!

Some days are just not as organized as others. Andy best shows how I feel for missing my 2:00 AM target.  (Sad kitten eyes works on me. I hope it works on you! I need some sympathy just now.) Seems I slept a bit more than usual yesterday after dialysis and didn’t get anything prepared for the blog today.

So, I share a selection of photos of poor Andy, terrorized by the prospect of taking his blood pressure medicine. I still don’t get it: The medicine is chicken flavored, He loves chicken! (Regardless, remember to be affected by the sad kitten eyes. I’ m counting on it!) 

36 thoughts on “Post 1827: A bit late today – sorry!

    • He doesn’t have kidney issues, fortunately. I just want the kitty boys to drink adequate water to avoid kidney complications. His medication is for high blood pressure. Being cute, it seems, can be very stressful!

    • Thanks! I have good subjects, but they are hard to photograph, thanks to their color and the fact I take most photos in low light simply because it’s usually night when I take them.

    • For all the fuss, Andy takes the medicine mostly well. Some days a bit of it dribbles out of the side of his mouth, but I’ve learned how to avoid that problem for the most part. The medicine on food method would be more problematic, I think, because Dougy would have to be fed in a different place and Andy (and Dougy) have difficulty eating some foods because of their Persian faces. They won’t eat even small pieces of meat unless it is in pate form and turned into a slurry.

        • How it’s handled now saves me the hassle of separate feedings, and Andy is predictable enough that most days I can catch him easily enough to give him the liquid medicine. Actually, I rather enjoy the quiet time (petting, talking with Andy) before the medicine time, and it seems to help him be calm when the icky part comes.

  1. Andy your eyes say it all ;O))) I wonder about that too, Easy once had antibiotics with beef and he hated it. But I have to admit that my BFF got the same med while a holiday on Cuba (never again!) and she didn’t like it either…

    • The bad part is I can’t taste it (safely!) to verify it tastes like chicken or tastes good, for that matter. Poor Andy has to do all that for himself, and he proclaims it icky! I can’t detect any smell either.

    • Definitely! Andy throws in these sad, little kitty sounds, too, that tear your heart out.

      Fortunately, I can see that Andy feels better when on his medicine, so none of his protests and sad faces affect me.

    • All I can do is be as gentle and positive as possible with him. I talk softly to him before I wrap hi in the towel. I pet him and make sure he is as relaxed as possible. Afterwards, I give him kitty treats, so he protests the medicine, but there are happy moments before and after.

      Incidentally, Happy 48th Wedding Anniversary again! That is something to be proud off!

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